Corporations have a board of advisors and so should you which is mentorship. While mentors aren’t going to physically do your work for you, they can advise you based on their own individual set or skills and experience. I didn’t realize how valuable mentorship would be until I turned 30 and started seeking it within my industry. Mentorship has enabled me to make better decisions, by being able to see through the lens of someone else’s point of view, and learn directly from others who’ve reached levels of success greater than me. I wouldn’t advise you to ride a horse without a saddle or go through life without mentorship. About Carlos Gil: Carlos Gil is a Marketing Executive, Businessman, Entrepreneur, Writer and Public Speaker. With over a decade of experience. Carlos has led social media strategy for notable brands including LinkedIn, BMC Software, Winn-Dixie, and Save-A-Lot. He has been featured by CNNMoney, Harvard Business Review, Inc. Magazine, Mashable, and Social Media Examiner. Carlos is also a prominent speaker at industry events such as SXSW and Social Media Marketing World. Subscribe to my VIP Newsletter for exclusive content and weekly giveaways here: Connect with Carlos: Keywords: Why you need a mentor and how to find one, how do I find a mentor, mentorship advice, finding a mentor, do I need a mentor, benefits of having a mentor, do you need a mentor, finding a mentor is easier than you think, one easy way to find a mentor, top reasons you need a mentor in business, how to easily find a mentor, secrets to finding a mentor, how to get a mentor, real talk, carlos gil, tai lopez, gary vaynerchuk, how to find a mentor, personal development, business mentorship, life coach, how to find a mentor in business

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