Three problems with this piece:

1. Sacred Scripture, while hugely important to the Christian, is not (and cannot be) the only way we come to know right and wrong. Masturbation, for instance, though not explicitly condemned in Scripture, is nonetheless sinful because it is a distortion of the sexual faculty. How do we know this? Natural law philosophy. Other examples of things not explicitly condemned in Scripture that we know to be sinful: human trafficking, chattel slavery, arson, shooting heroin...

2. Outside of perhaps the most fundamentalist fringe sects, no Christian believes that God "hates" women, prostitutes, and LGBT people. These beliefs simply do not belong to Christians, therefore there is no myth to dispel. To the extent that any of these groups have historically been "marginalized" by Christians (or whatever), it is a distortion of Christian teaching, not the fulfillment of it. Christianity distinguishes the sinful behavior (prostitution) from the human person (the prostitute); we do not throw away the latter due to the former.

3. The author cherry-picks some Old Testament verses to argue divorce is acceptable, yet Jesus himself clears this up in the Gospels when he explains to the Pharisees that divorce was only permitted under Old Testament Law "for your hardness of heart." Jesus explicitly condemns divorce in Matthew 19, Mark 10, and Luke 16:18.

We know not what we do.

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