Translation on how SDF outsmarted and thwarted yesterday’s Turkish backed FSA attack on YPG postions in Efrin.

The Turkish Army and the terrorist groups chose the village of Ain Dikna to be the gateway to the attack on the areas of Shahba after a rocket and artillery bombardment. Intensely on the village, and it was dealt a very painful blow by the protection units of the people, women and revolutionary factions.
Turkish preparations
The Turkish army began more than two months ago to send the latest and heaviest weapons to the Syrian-Turkish border in the province of Afrin. Hundreds of soldiers were also sent by Turkish special forces. According to the Turkish media, the Turkish army, through its 7,000 special forces, leads 20,000 Syrian terrorists The Free Syrian Army, who left their weapons in Homs and the Damascus countryside of the Syrian regime and headed into the arms of the Turkish army to carry out an attack on Afrin, Turkish media sources expected that the Turkish operation will take 70 days to occupy Turkey Afrin and everything planned.
Before the ground operation on the eye of Dqana hours
The Turkish army and terrorist groups at the Turkish military base in the village of Kalgberin in the occupied territories near Izzaz began to bomb the town of Ein Dikna with artillery, tanks, rockets and machine guns. The terrorist groups also posted a video showing the preparation of the ground military operation on the village of Ein Dikneh East of Manakh military airport in the areas of Al-Shahbaa. The footage showed a UAV that would be targeted in the village of Ein Dikna with extreme accuracy. It appeared to them in the section that the air was ready for the attack. Followed the units of protection of the people and the revolutionary factions in the area of ​​Ain Dokneh to begin the attack.
Attack on the village and the response according to a leading units in the protection of the people:
All the preparations were ready for any attack by the Turkish army and all the fighters on the alert and with very high morale, as the general command in the province of Afrin was supervising itself on the process of countering the Turkish attack. The appropriate military plan was put in place. It has this shape.
Military Plan
The Turkish army and the terrorist groups were sent to the village through a gap that the people’s protection units had intended to leave according to the military plan to enter the village. In addition, The terrorist groups, led by Turkish officers, entered the village and fell into an ambiguous ambush where snipers began to protect the people and women by targeting the elements of the Turkish army and terrorists. They even could not escape from the battlefield. A terrorist kneels and surrenders to the people’s protection units after he can not escape the battlefield.
As a result of the intensity of the fire launched by the revolutionary factions on the AlmhaAll the invaders killed more than 30 terrorists, including Turkish soldiers and wounded dozens are still so far some of them on the battlefield and can not escape in addition to the bodies of a number of dead, including Turkish soldiers can not be the Turkish army to withdraw them from the land The battle therefore required the Russian side to mediate to withdraw their dead and wounded from the battlefield by withdrawing the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.
Another attack is an attempted revenge and a victory that lifts the morale of the terrorists and tries to calculate the wounded and the bodies
In the evening, the Turkish army and terrorist groups attacked the village of Ein Dikna again after sending about 500 elements to the surrounding area and after heavy shelling, but the new attack also failed, killing and injuring wounded and unable to compensate for the loss or withdraw the bodies and wounded from the battlefield.
If the bodies and wounded of the Turkish army and terrorist groups are still lying on the battlefield in the vicinity of the village of Ain Dikneh and can not withdraw.
The Turkish army, after receiving a terrible defeat yesterday, sent additional reinforcements and heavy weapons to Azzaz, which crossed Turkish territory on Tuesday afternoon.
Source: News24

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