Friday Estimate
Megan Reynolds

Pre-Weekend The rest of my day today is going to be filled with spending money — before I am off work anyways. Paid off some bills, and then I am going to be registering for summer classes. I am taking a online diploma program at the college that I work so I get a discount on my online course fees. It works out to $90/class VS $363/class. Going to register for 4 ($360). This is my 2nd to last term! Woohoo! Then we are also able to take in-class courses for $20 and I’m going to take ceramics. It starts in June — so I’ll register this afternoon preemptively.

Over the weekend :

Trying to keep it LOW KEY before the term starts and so that I can hold fast to my budget. Going to do some errands and then head to a friend’s for dinner; Saturday going to work from home (Research Assistant-y stuff) and go to Aquafit, go to the library, lounge about; Sunday, I’m going to teach my friend to sew an envelop back pillow cover and go to choir practice! TA-DA! The weekend.

I am expecting the following:

Gas: $20 (Gas prices here are climbing so I might need to rethink my $20/week budget. I’m not getting as much in the tank like I was able to do a couple of months ago, boo-hiss.)

Oil Change: $40 up front, but then $40+$17.50 (I’m doing this as a secret shopper and will be getting reimbursed the full amount + a shopper fee of $17.50). You rate the service of the auto centre and cha-ching… oil change + $$$$$.

Mother’s Day Gift: $30 (gift card + card)

Coffee: $10 probably will spend this, but I may not.

Groceries: I have budgeted for $100 — I split this expense with my partner but I am not sure if we are going to go grocery shopping this weekend. We have to grab a few things, and some larger staples like TP & Litter (Costco), all of the ever-loving soap (dish/body/laundry/shampoo why does it always alll run out at once) and almond milk (price-matching the sh*t outta that).

Glorious (estimated) total: $200 (and if we’re really technical, $142.50 which includes pending secret shopper reimbursement).