Friday Estimate
Nicole Dieker

This weekend I am having my family over for brunch on M — — — -’s Day.
Not a super fan of this “holiday” but I thought having everyone over will be easier on everyone wallet. For 5 people to go out and eat with would be at least $100–150. Well that, and I realized that I have never invited my family over for a lunch or dinner or for anything really. So it should be a magical carpet ride. Brunch is not going to be super fancy. I am going to try and use up some groceries that I have in the fridge + freezer (eggs, turkey bacon, apple pancakes, homefries). Then we are going to go to a local gelato place that my mom likes that’s close by. I am hoping that it will all go without a hitch. I will need to pop down to the store to get some meat and some fresh veggies + fruit for my lunches and our dinners for the week.

Tonight I am going for a massage (self-care pre-brunch) and hanging out with friends. Saturday will be prep and then Sunday the mother-load. Hahaha.

Groceries: $40 
Coffee+Gelato: $20
Laundry: $9

Total Estimate: $69.00

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