Justify oneself or remain silent.

Justify oneself or remain silent.
Put Up or Shut Up

To say that this world is completely different than that of even 10 years ago would be a major understatement. The new generation takes the tech that the previous built and makes it easier and it gets harder to understand. You don’t have to search for a research study validating the fact that the average person has 2–3 Wi-Fi connectable devices with them at all times.

Things come so easy that if it doesn’t, we often search harder for a solution to eliminate future time waste than to solve the initial problem. Some call it efficiency but we know it’s really just cementing the smarter not harder philosophy.

America isn’t lazy. We are innovators.
Something I am very proud to admit that living in America, my family, and my O.C.D. drives me to be a better version of myself everyday.

If my father worked only 65 hours in a week, it was an easy one when I was growing up. My mother worked a full time job and went to school to become a Psychologist while I was growing up.

While I did not see them much, they showed an excellent example of the work ethic that it takes to accomplish your goals. If you look at MetaGeek, the awesome place I work at, you will see a hard worker and innovation story as well.

It started as a certain Chief Geek frustrated with his ability to identify interference and it escalated 10 years later to an award winning company. This isn’t a “plug” for my employer, even though I know they are the best people I’ve ever worked with, rather a message of confirming what it takes.

In order to have a successful business, you don’t just have to look the part but rather have a team of people willing to make everything the best it can. The people are almost as important as the product, because they will be the ones to develop it.

The “back end” geeks, developers, and engineers will be there to make things extra shiny, better QoS, and make people see the value.

The marketing and sales people help accomidate the need for the product and spread the message of awesome.

Accounting, operations, product development, front office, and especially the leaders of the company make the wheels keep running and do so much more than people understand from the outside.

I’ve always had a different philosophy in regards to sales and customer satisfaction. It isn’t something cumbersome to give or something to accomplish, rather a right I have earned to help.

We don’t push our product, which I love, because the techs who come to us genuinely need our help. They are afraid of inefficiency, time waste, and are eager to solve an interference problem with ease.

I encourage people to embrace the hard work philosophy. Never stop improving, make things better, especially if it takes more effort. Challenge yourself, clean up your messes, and remove blockades. This is the key to success.

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