My ten step process/secret sauce on how to be successful.

To be successful in your line of work, you have to define what success is and how it will specifically relate to you.

If you pull up the literal definition, you will find that success is the accomplishment of an aim/purpose, a favorable outcome, or the attainment of popularity or profit.

What is success really to you though? Think hard for just a second.

How do you define success in your personal life?
What about work?
Do you ever find your self satisfied with only 1/2?

Well, your happiness depends on your ultimate goal. I’ve had many goals in my life that I have set and exceeded, because of a certain method of action. It’s outlined below.

1. Define the ultimate long term goal which you want to achieve.

2. Research and determine the best steps to start the process. Don’t just go off your gut feeling, because often times you can learn from other peoples actions.

3. Record (in google drive, a calendar, a notebook, etc) what you need to dotoday, this week, month, and year. Think of them like to-do tasks. I use Google Drive but I know others that use Post-It notes.

4. If you exceed original expectations then alter/modify the goal(s) when you reach it. Don’t wait to change your goal. Feel that brief moment of accomplishment then push yourself.

5. If you don’t reach your goal, determine the cause and make corrective action.

6. Always challenge yourself. Never set a goal you think you can obtain. Set a realistic goal you don’t think you can achieve, because you will likely surprise yourself.

7. Make sure you are flexible for the curve balls of life. It’s ok to be happy in a tornado. (I speak from personal experience.) There is a very high chance that something is going to get in your way and how you react to it is going to determine the outcome.

8. Make sure you are happy. Seriously happy. If you aren’t, make adjustments, however radical.

9. Teach others how to be successful, because you will learn more from helping than any book can teach.

10. Go outside your comfort zone. If there is something that will help you obtain your goal but is hard… Do it.

#BuyPens is an excellent example. Dedication is the key. Although this mans goal was selling pens to help feed his children, he was surprised to see that others wanted to help because of his dedication.

I’ve used the above guidelines to be a successful sales representative at every company I’ve worked for while earning awards, recommendations, and achievements for shattering all expectations they had.

This method was also used successfully in my personal life from health issues, debt management, and even household upgrades.

I hope the above helps you as much as it has helped me!

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