What is an extroverted introvert?

Let’s say you have a co-worker who is funny, works too hard, and talks a lot at meetings. Outside of meetings and planned parties they agreed to attend, you don’t see them excluding in tiny flashes of sometimes awkwardly short conversations.

This means that you’re likely working with an extroverted introvert.

We are a special, unique, and efficient sort of person. Extroverted Introverts require silence to recharge but smile big because we are genuinely happy to see you! Even after emerging from our offices, when you didn’t know we came into work early. (Again.)

Typically, we process thoughts and emotions more like a computer than you would expect for a human to. We analyze, strategize, and debate everything before we act. Everything needs a cost/benefit analysis, even if it is a brief couple seconds in our brains…including a decision to participate in a work lunch. We have a reason for our actions and words, even if they make no sense to you.

This makes us a profitable employee and good friend to have, except for the fact that we limit contact with outside our preferred world. We get comfortable, which is why it is important to make us go outside in public situations.

If an Extroverted Introvert asks you to do anything with them, then feel privileged. It isn’t that we feel that we are better than you, rather we don’t even go out to see our best friends that often. We would rather stay in a safe place where we don’t have to have a defense up.

Personally, I am a bit different. (Aren’t we all!) Despite my dyslexia, the first author I read all of their works was William Shakespeare by the time I was about 9 years old. I read most of my mothers school psychologist books by the time I was in High School. My brain has always had a deep thirst for knowledge.

Sometimes, this leads to you being the person sitting in the playground reading a book instead of playing on the monkey bars. That doesn’t make you exactly the most popular person. It was a great way to escape the daily challenge of deciding how you are supposed to act with other humans.

This doesn’t mean we aren’t great workers. Actually, it is quite the opposite. You wouldn’t think that someone who feels like their skin is peeling when they are surrounded by strangers would look like they are Iron Man at a party.

E.I/Extroverted Introverts, are extremely goal-oriented. We want to not only accomplish the goal but make sure the people we are interacting with are as happy as possible. Not to be a brown-noser, but to avoid a conflict.

We aren’t afraid of conflict, just live to avoid it. It is inconvenient. We have better things to do and drama has no reward.

E.I also tend to be very honest and blunt people. Sometimes saying things you don’t necessarily want to hear, but you will be able to trust our assessment. I’m not saying we are always right. The awesome thing is if you are against what we say (enough to where we get the clue it isn’t changing) then we drop it. It’s done. We do what you want and hold no grudges.

We love it.

If we hear something (that makes us uncomfortable) is important to you, we will do it. Not only will we accomplish the task, but we will excel and make you confused as to why we were reluctant in the first place .

So, embrace your extroverted introvert.

If you do, likely, they will help break your expectations of what a great employee can be.