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There are many languages spoken all over the world but music is the common language to express our emotions. Though India follows various traditions and customs, music is most commonly used to express its spirituality. Indian music is originated from Vedas and in 12thcentury it has been split into south Indian music or carnatic music and north Indian music or Hindustani music. The exclusivity of south Indian music is possessed by the detailed form of sruti, raga, tala, bhava and so on. The two major features of music are shruti which is commonly known as pitch and Laya that is called as thala. We all know the famous quote that “Shruti maata layaph pita †where shruti is exemplified as mother and laya as father.

Some people have an interest in learning carnatic music lessons but they may not get a chance to learn carnatic music lessons due to their hectic works. Even when they try to adjust their schedule, the right choice of learning carnatic music lessons from tutors or proper institutions may be far away from their residence so that they may drop the idea of leaning carnatic music lessons. Learning carnatic music lessons through online has become a boon for these music lovers. Online carnatic music lessons tutoring through live video chat is becoming a trendier medium of learning Indian carnatic music lessons. Go4guru is offering a qualified music education at affordable cost.

Carnatic music lessons teachers of GO4GURU are possessed with extensive performance experience, wide collections, and have taught carnatic music lessons at the international level. Age is not a barrier. Anyone of any age can learn carnatic music lessons. Not only age but also locations and levels too will not constrain the learning of carnatic music lessons. A network of highly professionalized carnatic music lessons teachers of GO4GURU helps in the student’s growth fruitfully towards learning goals. Music lovers with a mixture of cultural backgrounds reach our online carnatic music lessons to learn more about this divine art form.

Separate syllabus is followed in carnatic music lessons for kids and adults. Carnatic music lessons with the basic level are designed to get the familiarity to the notes of Mayamalava Gaula Raga. The basic sense of rhythm and knowledge of singing three varisais in 3 speeds is easily learnt through carnatic music lessons and attain knowledge of the basic notion about raga and thala with the help of carnatic music lessons. Students will be able to sing short songs which would create an interest to continue the next levels of carnatic music lessons. The entire carnatic music lessons of the basic level is planned to be covered according to the involvement and practice of the individual student.

Intermediate level is the next stage in learning carnatic music lessons. In this carnatic music lesson phase, students will be able to sing the varnams in 2 speeds and understands the swara, raga and bhava. Pupils come to know about the Lakshana or grammar of certain ragas. Further, carnatic music lessons also give out the structure and the utility of thambura. A detailed study of veena and knowing the similarities and dissimilarities of tana varnam and pada varnam makes the buddies learn carnatic music lessons effectively. The entire module of carnatic music lesson is completely structured in a way that motivates the learners to get fully involved and sing enthusiastically. By the end of this stage of carnatic music lessons trainees will be able to sing 16 athi thala varnams and 30 kritis perfectly.

The penultimate level in learning carnatic music lesson is pre advanced level. Carnatic music lessons will cover the method of singing kalpana swaras theorically and practically,carnatic music lessons help to learn most tricky pancharatnam of tyagaraja. Here in this carnatic music lessons they come to know about the structure of violin, miruthangam and flute which is essential to know more about carnatic music lessons. 15 more madyama kala kritis and the introduction to the method of Niraval singing are also included in this carnatic music lessons.

The final advanced level of learning carnatic music lessons is based on which the students are portrayed to monodrama sangita or creative music where they become a complete performer. Carnatic music lessons of this level bring up the ability to sing kalpana swara, raga alapana and niraval which would showcase the essence of the ragas. Young musicians will be able to sing about 21 varnams, 54 kritis in this carnatic music lessons class. Various musical forms like padams, ragamalika etc, and pallavi from simple to complex nature are displayed in thecarnatic music lessons.

Thus, the carnatic music lessons cover up the entire portions needed for a person to sing. The student and the carnatic music lessons teacher interact with the help of voice and video chat where they use virtual white board to share the notes, documents etc. the fee structure for the whole course is affordable and worthy. Our carnatic music lessons teachers always focus on teaching to perform than concentrating on how to sing a song of carnatic music lessons. Carnatic music lessons program gives a clear milestone about what you can achieve on the completion of level in the carnatic music lessons. A free demo is available which is helpful to identify the right music teacher who maintains a good relationship and association and we can assure that all our music teacher are of the same kind and this is the success of GO4GURU.