Suzanna and Saba from Eritrea. We met in Rome in november.

2015: The year that women’s stories inspired me

Last year I found many women fighting for their dreams and trying to help others. In 2015 I found that I’m one of them. Last year I realized that I’m a “Powerful Girl” and that’s the reason why I’m one of Chicas Poderosas’ Ambassador in Latin America. This is the moment that I figured out that I have been inspired by many women´s stories around the world. Saba and Suzanna were two of them, very young Eritrean’s refugees, travelling through Europe to have a better life. Travelling through Europe for their dreams. They inspired me because, in spite of difficulties and the fear, they smile all the time… and are still dreaming.

They were some of the women that inspired me the last months, but I´m also thinking in Mariana Santos, Fabiany Lima, Marisol Alarcón, Mariana Marcaletti and many others that I met from a long time ago. Maybe they don’t know they give me only inspiration to go for the best…

And finally I learned that I have to move to different places to find inspiration…Lesson: You have to move for…

Are you prepared?…

#welcome2016i’mreadytofight…and enjoy!!


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