What the Internet’s Reaction to Kim Kardashian Getting Robbed Tells Us About Humanity in 2016
John Monaco

I would like to see an example of media coverage the likes of great journalists like Walter K. This back-and-forth argument on how emotionally involved or even empathetic the World Audience should be, after all the unnecessary attention these two particularly vexing celebrity figures have utilized to stay (seemingly) socially relevant for business-sponsorships deals, IS also being reflected in the impatient-TO-more hostile reactions seen online. Put into contexts the fact that her family’s shows KUWTK just got canceled, it does make many [even unwillingly like myself, cause really why should i care past 1–2 news stories] consider the possibilities. That is until she and her group ARE officially cleared of any wrong doing or nefarious involvement. Which they have not been cleared as far as I know (updates welcome). So I feel, it is ok for the WA to comment by taking this news story with a grain of salt. Some just don’t respect her and have their abrasive way of showing it. Are all the comments ok, no. Neither is the fact that now it is legal for the US media to outright lie. Look it up, the laws are changing, and people get annoyed to the point of violence when BS is told to them that was never newsworthy.