Congrats on the Lifestyle! The Dark Side to Influencer Marketing & Personal Branding
Brittany Krystle Hoffman

Brittany, Thanks for pointing out both the good and bad of storytelling and social media. Many today are looking for and searching out hope, be it false hope or other.

What looks great, wonderful, desirable on social in reality in some (many) instances is a facade. Take the time to meet with these individuals and be prepared to have your eyes opened.

I’ve taken the time and effort to do this. The first time it’s shocking and rocks your faith in people. That stated, one must remember that you may be dealing with insecure individuals who for whatever reason don’t have confidence in themselves or their innate abilities and skills. Thus, they created what they believe what you want to see instead of just being themselves. It’s sad.

Word of advice, do your due diligence before buying into a facade. A few minutes of work will save a lot of heartache later.