Dillon Faamatau signs with USC

Cerritos College students and alumni will be cheering for one of their own when defensive tackle Dillon Faamatau takes the field for the University of Southern California in 2018.

Coach Tom Caines, a 20-year instructor at Cerritos, reported that Faamatau has been recruited by USC with a full scholarship. Faamatau will play for Cerritos in the fall, and then transfer mid-season to the fabled university.

Cornerback Brandon Ezell in weight room at Cerritos with teammate Tyler Rios.

Caines reported that this is the time of year when many recruiters from 4-year schools visit the local campus. Recruiters have come from as far away as the University of Florida and the University of Rhode Island.

Cerritos College is a good place for young athletes to gain experience and prominence. Corner back Brandon Ezell will be transferring to San Jose State University in the fall as a business management major.

Other players currently signed with Division 1 schools are linebacker Alex Bush (Texas Christian University), strong safety Elijah Walker (Kansas State University), and Darien Cornay (Arizona State University).

Corner back Tyler Rios hopes to join their ranks when he considers options after his last semester this coming fall. Rios is a communications major who would enjoy transferring out of state.