Focus on listening - be present

I have never blogged on Medium before today, although signed up quite a while ago. I’ll own up to being a lurker, reading articles and trying to understand the platform.

Being a native of a distant analog & digital landscape, I have seen many platforms come and go. With that perspective my approach is quite introvert. Observe, comment, share generously, live the principles of #WOL via John Stepper & #PKM via Harold Jarche when using a platform.

It seems to me that there is a lot of noise in the world that needs filtering. I subscribe to the idea that we need less thought leadership & more areas where we can hold the space for people to co-create.

More walking alongside people, purposeful listening and understanding different perspectives. Start from the why, to how something could happen & finally what the conversations may lead to in time. This is not a paternalistic — doing to, more an oppotunity to value each individual in the space & the diverse gifts they contribute.

As I close my first blog post my wish is that people welcome me to this space with generosity. I have no idea how the post will look or if the formatting is right. I will push the publish button and hope for the best. Trusting in the kindness of others to hold out a hand of friendship to a previous Medium community lurker.

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