The Confidence Factor for Women: 3 Things Women Leaders Must Stop Apologizing For

1. Stop apologizing for wanting more professionally: The absence of women in leadership is due to doubt in our ability to be viewed as effective leaders. However, we often apologize for our desire to close the leadership gap by minimizing our desire to ask for more, negotiate and standing firm on value, rather than price. Ladies, never sell yourself short….

2. Stop apologizing for having a seat at the table: When you are given the opportunity to lead, stop saying “I’m sorry” because your elbow is touching your neighbor. The leadership space is tight and only a select few receive the invitation. If your elbow brushed your neighbor, just say “tight squeeze, huh.” There is nothing is nothing to apologize for, you have earned your seat.

3. Stop apologizing for having an important and valuable contribution in a conversation: If you have something to contribute, do not let the intimidation of being the only one or one of a few in the room to stop you. If you are busy raising your hand and apologizing for the gesture of contributing value, you may be looked over. Take the temperature of the room and speak up, even if you are not called. Leave a mark everywhere to go.

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Carol Sankar is a business advisor for high level executives, service based visionaries and a leadership expert who is committed to assisting passionate, high-achieving leaders simplify their lives while increasing revenue by becoming productive, not working harder.Carol has been featured in Madame Noire, LearnVest, The Steve Harvey TV Show,, TEDx, Daily Worth, Entrepreneur Magazine and Essence Magazine

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