The Confidence Factor for Women: Adding up the losses

Add up the costs of all of the questions you did not ask because you doubt yourself. Add up the costs of every regret, every moment of watching others pass you by, every moment of financial loss, etc and divide it by the amount of time you spend doubting yourself.

Painful reality!

The financial loss is nothing in comparison to the loss of hope and joy as so many women find a way to accept the security of settling for average, in some cases less than average. The ability to endorse a pessimistic view of taking risks hold the key to the lack of recognized women leaders.

Meanwhile, all you need to do is ask! We have an assumption that the world will recognize the gifts within, but the fear of asking is paralyzing us. The fact that women will discount themselves to avoid rejection is a sad reality. I speak openly about training women to create their first multi-million dollar proposal, yet they felt the fear of rejection and the intimidation of increasing their territory, so they went back to the safety of small thinking where they are guaranteed the best results, but rarely improve their finances or value.

It is your fear that holds you back, not the access to opportunities. Stop giving fear so much power over your growth. The inability to ask is adding up in consistent loss. Ladies, you are worth more than silence and settling. It is time to Increase Your ASK….

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I will see you at the top!

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Carol Sankar is a business advisor for high level executives, service based visionaries and a leadership expert who is committed to assisting passionate, high-achieving leaders simplify their lives while increasing revenue by becoming productive, not working harder.Carol has been featured in Madame Noire, LearnVest, The Steve Harvey TV Show,, TEDx, Daily Worth, Entrepreneur Magazine and Essence Magazine. For details, visit

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