The Confidence Factor for Women: Avoiding the Leadership Cliff

Exceptional women require exceptional support.

There was a time in my own professional journey where I failed to ask for equal compensation. In my business, I was “forced” to believe that being affordable will make my business “valuable.” In the end, I almost lost my consulting business in 2011 by taking the advice of small level advisors, who advised me to offer an $11 consulting program to the public.

In 6-months, my company acquired over $4,000 (yes, four thousand dollars) of bounced checks and fees from people who could not afford an $11 program. As a real estate investor, you cannot afford a negative reputation with a bank — any bank. It was a valuable lesson for me about taking advice from others who where not in the same alignment with my vision, and I intentionally changed the model.

I know that high level women have a small selection of places, where they can gain access to true leadership and professional acceleration. As a woman, with over 15 years of proven leadership experience, quoted in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, and a trusted keynote and advisor at some of the largest private organizations in the world, including San Jose State University, Women in Government, Civicon, SHRM and more, I understand the challenges we face.

The Colloquium is not a space where you will be bombarded with “speakers” and “entertainers” who are only trying to get you to buy the next big “coaching” program and offer you a sales page. I think you have seen enough of that, correct?

In 2017, the conversation will be The Leadership Cliff. I will discuss the causes and how to increase your net worth by creating your value proposition.

The leadership cliff is a recent phenomenon for women, where high level qualified women at, or near, the top are often “forced out” due to our limited presence. It is present in finance, business and high level careers, more often today than ever before.

Only 20 seats to join me on May 18, 2017. This is an event for established committed professional women (mid & senior level). This experience is truly for women who are committed to professional and financial acceleration in 2017.

I guarantee this will be an experience that will increase your value in leadership.

We will cover:

- The negotiation process

- The glass ceiling mindset


Get ready for a full day of accelerated accountability and leadership. Remember, exceptional women require exceptional support, and you are one exceptional woman.

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Carol Sankar is a high level business consultant and the founder of The Confidence Factor for Women in Leadership, which is a global executive leadership firm focused on diversity and inclusion initiatives for high level women. Carol has been featured at TEDx, The Steve Harvey Show, Bounce TV, Inroads, The Society for Diversity, SHRM, Huffington Post, Entrepreneur Magazine, Homevestors and more. For more details, visit