The Confidence Factor for Women: Conversations with CEO’s

If you want success, make sure you are having conversations with leaders.

I made a commitment to create a body of work that will help women end the negative self talk, which often hinders our ability to lead effectively. I am so proud of the next installment of The Confidence Factor for Women in Leadership: Conversations with Women CEO’s and Leaders, where I have open and honest conversations with a few women in leadership who share their journey with you. Our contributors are extremely transparent about some of their challenges and the biggest successes.

A leader is confident because she must be. Confidence helps us to stand tall, take risks, think outside the box, be different, and above all — never settle for less than you deserve.- Patricia Baronowski-Schneider

As an avid reader myself, I find myself seeking biographies that inspire my creativity and align my vision with the tools necessary to take big risks. The first installment of the Confidence Factor for Women focused on business and some of the self inflicted limitations that we found after years of research. The next installment will focus on leadership for women and learning the importance of gaining respect in the marketplace, while facing life challenges, public rejection and more.

Our contributors are women who have built and/or control multi-million dollar companies and share their experiences at the top with our readers. I am thankful for the women who let me into their lives to share their journey with others so women can create a leadership style that serves a purpose in the market.

I found my confidence factor when I realized my politeness came at the cost of authenticity, which made me less effective. — Kristen Koh-Goldstein

The Conversations with Women CEO’s and Leaders will be available in mid-October 2015. Here is a sneak preview of a few of the women in our contributor lineup.

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