The Confidence Factor for Women: Don’t Fall for Just the Fluff

I have sat in rooms with high performance male executives and business owners throughout my career as a business advisor and learned strategy after strategy that can be implemented and used to create more leverage in the acceleration of my success. Being part of a conversation that eliminates the “fluff” from the process while focusing on the deliverable has always resonated with me.

However, there are many women who are not quite privy to those rooms. Much of it is not due to access, it is due to attraction. I have asked myself for years if women are only sold the “fluff” while men are sold the strategies?

Think about it with me for a moment, we have a gender and pay gap that seems to be the subject of many debates, however, women have only gained 1% in the market since 2000. The 77–78% debate is one which always gains just enough steam to let us know our worth. But when I enter rooms with women, there is often a mix of inspiration, motivation and little focus on strategies for success. The soft tone of “you can do it” without the HOW attracts volumes of women who reside in the feeling of being motivated, but find difficulty in aligning with the right tools to eliminate the gap.


Well, simply put, women are inspired by inspiration. I have even done my own in house research where women only show up for the “fluff” and leave before the work starts. We are attracted to the optimism of success and sold the importance of the learning new skills to lose the achievement gap. Last year at this time, I sat in a convention at a Venture Capital Summit where over 300 start up investors were seeking their next new investment and only 17 women showed up. The women we personally invited started sabotaging their gifts before the event by stating “my business is not big enough,” “I will wait a little longer to get my logo and website up and running before I attend,” and they missed the opportunity to gain an investment. The women we extended the invite to are in the same position in their business one year later and spent the past year in every motivational setting.

I am not discounting motivation, I just want to elevate mastery. It is the “boring” side of success, maybe, but it is the side that creates value in the market place. We cannot close the gender and pay gap until we show up and create a visible presence in the right rooms with leaders. Motivation is fuel, strategy is the implementation of new systems that can help you grow and compete in a global market.

5 things to consider

  1. Master the motivation, yet follow the money. The way to close the gap, we have to close the income disparity in the market. It starts when you create financial value in the market place.
  2. Stop allowing fear to separate you from male-dominated industries. We have to close the gender gap.
  3. If you are not in the right room, you will not have access to accelerated opportunities.
  4. If you want something new, you must connect with new people.
  5. You have to fund your desires, not your comfort.

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Carol Sankar is a business advisor for high level executives, service based visionaries and a leadership expert who is committed to assisting passionate, high-achieving leaders simplify their lives while increasing revenue by becoming productive, not working harder.Carol has been featured in Madame Noire, LearnVest, The Steve Harvey TV Show,, TEDx, Daily Worth, Entrepreneur Magazine and Essence Magazine

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