The Confidence Factor for Women: Kim Kardashian’s Life Lesson for Women Leaders

The world is truly obsessed with the Kardashian family and brand. Whether you love or hate them, whether you are tuned in or turned off by them; their social outreach has left an imprint in the construct of celebrity history.

Kim Kardashian, the face of the multi-billion dollar brand and social media icon, is notan actress, a dancer, singer, Rhodes Scholar, etc. Without going into detail, it all started with “a tape.” (Whether the “tape” was intentional or not is not the point.) I studied the work of her famous father in high school while in a pre-law program in New York and never knew that his legacy will live on in a new direction. He would be proud to know that Kim took something that could have damaged her future and build an impenetrable brand and successful empire with her core strength — marketing.

Fast forwarding a bit, wherever Kim goes, the cameras follow. Whatever Kim wears, stores sell out in minutes. Her “photo’s” break the internet. There is never a dull moment. She has accomplished an incredible amount of measurable success which started from a public setback. Most valuable to note is she has also suffered numerous public pitfalls along the way, but manages to stand back up without allowing the public to view her scars.

Women can learn a great lesson from Kim Kardashian

She may not be a “popular” role model to several generations, but it is a name you know. I value every conversation that I am privy to in The Confidence Factor for Women, however, many women allow their setbacks to become a walking cane. Many women become dependent on their story of how their past is affecting their present and future, they will never let go of the cane to test their strength and walk on their own. As women, empathy for our past becomes the theme of our lives and any public shame will send us into seclusion; hence only tending to our wounds while ignoring our potential.

Kim Kardashian may have had a head start, however a wound is a wound. Letting go of the cane is her success story, hence, very few ever reference the true start of her fame — a tape. There is even a generation today who admires her and has no idea about “the tape” or what it means; they are fascinated by the person.

The primary factor every woman can learn is that it is time to stop nursing your wounds. It is time to stop being recognised solely by the customized walking cane that enables women to frame our limited increase in leadership due to past shame. It is time for women to stop focusing on the setbacks, so we can make a strong and impenetrable comeback. Every leader has had a fall, only the strong manage to get back up.

Let it go and LEAD

I will see you at the top!

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