10X Your Confidence — For Women in Leadership

Average is on sale daily, so why settle for less than premium? — Carol Sankar

The Confidence Factor for Women movement was created to move women in leadership out of average in their business and their career. For many years, I was taught that premium was not an option for us. In an effort to quiet my desire for a life filled with abundance and limitless opportunities, I had to break out of the shell and move into premium circles.


For years, I felt alone. I talk about my loneliness journey as a high level woman in business often as I would walk into boardrooms as the only one in the room. I took a seat at the table and decided that although I am outnumbered, I have to do more than show up- I must add value to the collective in order to be counted.

After 4 years of studying 100 women in leadership, I realized that confidence was the only factor holding them back from a life of abundance. Women are plagued with fear and often scared out of taking major leaps to accelerate their business and career. We are safety seekers who are risk averse yet, living with the regret of the chances we did not take.

Well, it is time to 10X Your Confidence!

Even before I read Grant Cardone’s 10X Rule (which is a MUST have book), I began to leverage massive increase in my goals by shifting my purpose and intention. Now, it is time for women to increase their confidence. The lack of women in leadership is due to the lack of confidence. As I stated before, if you are not confident, you are not counted.

>>> Download your copy <<<

In the first part of this powerful 60 minute download, I will discuss how to-

  • 10X Your Mindset
  • 10X Your Prices
  • 10X Your Network
  • 10X Your Appearance

And More …

Download your copy today and start INCREASING your Confidence today. It is time to increase the number of women in leadership who are ready to take action intentionally.

To learn more about joining the Confidence Factor for Women in Leadership movement for exceptional leaders, visit www.theconfidencefactorforwomen.com

Carol Sankar is a business advisor for high level executives, service based visionaries and a leadership expert who is committed to assisting passionate, high-achieving leaders simplify their lives while increasing revenue by becoming productive, not working harder.Carol has been featured in Madame Noire, LearnVest, The Steve Harvey TV Show, CNNMoney.com, TEDx, Daily Worth, Entrepreneur Magazine and Essence Magazine

For details, visit www.carolsankar.com

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