The Confidence Factor for Women presents Conversations with 7-Figure Women

My interview with certified financial planner, financial expert of WPIX11 NYC, and author, Cary Carbonaro, is here. Her latest book, The Money Queens Guide, was referenced by Daily Worth as one of the 10 BEST Books for women who want to be rich. (WOW!!)

We sat and talked about women in leadership and money. This new interview series that will be a part of the NEW Confidence Club for Women, which features some of the BEST 7-figure women leaders in the world, and I am excited to share the inaugural interview with you.

Click here to listen

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Carol Sankar is a business advisor for high level executives, service based visionaries and a leadership expert who is committed to assisting passionate, high-achieving leaders simplify their lives while increasing revenue by becoming productive, not working harder.Carol has been featured in Madame Noire, LearnVest, The Steve Harvey TV Show,, TEDx, Daily Worth, Entrepreneur Magazine and Essence Magazine. For details, visit

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