The Confidence Factor for Women: Stop saying “What if”

In a recent interview, I was asked who is better prepared when it comes to securing a loan to expand a business: a man or a woman. Notably, based on my research within the Confidence Factor for Women in Leadership, women may be the best qualified, but men are more confident about the rebuttal process.

Call it the years of training with the best litigators in New York City in my early career, or my new observance of talented women who tend to overthink their own expertise, however, many women in leadership and business create an unnecessary layer of fear when it comes to taking action. The inability to take a risk without the choreographed script in new environments with decision makers can be disabling. I always warn my clients that walking into a meeting with a decision maker is equivalent to standardized testing: You can only prep for time and speed, but you never know the questions that will be asked. Hence, the value of a mentor that can take you through a series of “comeback” rebuttals for the time that you may not have a definitive response is crucial.

Rejection is not personal, it is based on timing. Invest in your own confidence by omitting the worry of all of the “what if” scenarios that you are planting in your mind. The honest truth is most decision makers will invest in women that will show they have the personality of an effective leader.

Do not focus your attention on the thought of rejection that you miss the lesson in the opportunity by showing up and adding value.

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