The Confidence Factor in Leadership: Conversations with Women CEO’s

Many years ago, I decided that I needed to step out of the room of ordinary. I was frustrated with engaging in conversations that failed to challenge my intellect and allow me to grow personally and professionally. However, when you make that decision, the next question is — where do you go from here?

I was confident when I left corporate America in 2003 that I wanted to start my own company. I sought mentoring and consulting to help me break the barriers I initially faced with sales, leads, prospecting and pricing. At the time, finding high level women that I could relate to was a challenge.

But the journey must go on!

I do not believe in pity parties, so I insisted that I would have to find qualified mentors, men or women, to guide my company toward success. But there was always a feeling of “gender loneliness” in the room. When you are surrounded by male energy all day, part of your feminine flare must be suppressed in order to succeed in a boardroom filled with men.

So I created the change.

I learned that what you cannot find, you must create. When I commenced The Confidence Factor for Women in Leadership, I knew other high level women were feeling “gender loneliness” as well in their respective professions. The feeling of being outnumbered and others who try to convince you of the reality of operating with a glass ceiling is part of the process.

Then, my question is simple

Who are your advisors? Women in executive leadership as well as those who are seeking to accelerate to an executive level need to diversify their advisory board. Hence, I have spent the past year interviewing several Women CEO’s to learn about their challenges and the secrets of their success. You will have an in depth look into the lives of women who are balancing family, leadership, and success. Get ready for The Confidence Factor for Women: Conversations with Women CEO’s & Leaders coming to Amazon next week!

These are the conversations I wish I had in the beginning stages of my business. Every story will change your business and create value in your mindset. These are multi-million dollar women who started from nothing, but were determined to eliminate the glass ceiling. Get ready for our release on October 22, 2015.

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