183 Bean-to-Bar Chocolate Makers In the United States

Carol Wiley

Bean-to-bar chocolate makers take cacao beans, make chocolate, and create the chocolate bars and products you and I know and love. That’s different from a chocolatier who takes already-made chocolate and turns it into delicious confections.

Here’s a list of bean-to-bar chocolate makers located in the United States. I visited the website of every company listed here and pulled some basic information. Some websites had more details than others; that’s why some of the descriptions are sparse. Many of the companies are small artisan and craft chocolate makers, but I also included some larger companies not necessarily considered artisan.

February 2019: An updated list is now available on Kindle as 209 U.S. Bean-to-Bar Chocolate Makers: A State-By-State Guide.

1. Acalli Chocolate
New Orleans, Louisiana
“We source the cacao we use through direct relationships with farmers at origin.”
Twitter: AcalliChocolate

2. Alter Eco
San Francisco, California
“Plucked from organic trees in the Peruvian Amazon and Ecuadorian Coast, our cacao beans journey to the base of the Andes Mountains, where they are transformed into some of the world’s finest cocoa products. The final destination is Switzerland, where expert chocolatiers craft our unique and habit-forming bars and truffles.”
Twitter: AlterEcoSF

3. Altus Chocolates
Formerly Cao Artisan Chocolates
Lynchburg, Virginia
Single-origin, micro-batch chocolate.
Twitter: AltusChocolate

4. Amano Artisan Chocolate
Orem, Utah
“Amano is dedicated to creating some of the world’s most exquisite chocolate through traditional technique… We source only the world’s very best beans and ingredients. We visit the plantations, buy from the growers, and when necessary work with them to improve their skill in properly growing, fermenting and drying the cacao beans to meet our exacting standards.”
Twitter: AmanoChocolate

5. Animas Chocolate Company
Durango, Colorado
Nano batches of bean-to-bar two-ingredient dark chocolate using fair-trade, organic cacao beans from small farms and co-ops.

6. Antidote
Brooklyn, New York
“The world’s 1st raw & roasted blend bean-to-bar chocolate.” Uses Ecuadorian single-estate Arriba Nacional beans known for their fine floral flavor profile and produces the chocolate in Ecuador.
Twitter: AntidoteChoco

7. Appalachian Chocolate Co.
Shepherdstown, West Virginia
“Our chocolate is made from Nacional beans grown in the Arriba zone of Ecuador.”

8. Areté Fine Chocolate
Milpitas, California
Single-origin cocoa crafted into chocolate and confections in small batches.

9. Artisana Organics
Oakland, California
No longer makes chocolate bars. Does make cacao spreads.

10. Askinosie
Springfield, Missouri
Single-origin, direct-trade chocolate.
Twitter: askinosie

11. Bar au Chocolat
Manhattan Beach, California
Produces small quantities of chocolate focusing on single-origin and estate darks. “The sourcing of quality cacao is the most important element of making delicious chocolate. We do this by seeking out the best producers, those who encourage sustainable growth plans, understand the importance of proper harvesting, fermentation and drying techniques, take care in handling and shipping, and are aware of the potential connection to unique flavor profiles.”
Twitter: barauchocolat

12. Batch Craft
Rock Hill, South Carolina
Handcrafted, small-batch bars.

13. Bean to Bar Chocolate Factory
San Diego, California
Scheduled to launch in 2017.

14. Beehive Chocolates
8/24/17 update: website expired
Fort Collins, Colorado
“Our cocoa is organically grown and harvested in Ecuador.” Uses only three ingredients: cacao, cocoa butter, and cane sugar.
Twitter: BeehiveChoco

15. Bellflower Chocolate Company
Seattle, Washington
“The original, bean-to-bottle™ chocolate milk, bean-to-ball™ truffles, bean-to-jar™ ganache, and bean-to-bar chocolate.”
Twitter: BellflowerCacao

16. Bisou Chocolate
Berkeley, California
“All of our chocolate is sustainably sourced & organically grown. We offer boutique dark chocolate bars in five styles ranging from 76% to 100%.”
Twitter: BisouChocolate

17. Black Mountain Chocolate
Winston-Salem, North Carolina
“We lovingly coax the fine flavors from our fair-trade and organic cocoa beans, to provide you with the best artisan chocolate around.”
Twitter: BlackMtnChoc

18. Brasstown Chocolate
Winston-Salem, North Carolina
“We use the finest cacao beans from a variety of growing regions. Each type of bean is carefully selected for its unique character and flavor. We use Criollo and Trinitario beans in our dark chocolate and Nacional beans in our milk chocolate.”

19. Brazen Chocolate
Phoenix, Arizona
“We believe that great chocolate starts first and foremost with only the finest beans. We meticulously research and analyze each farm we select. We look at the following characteristics: origin, elevation, climate, methodologies, and certifications. Our goal is to make all of this information transparent to our customers.”
Twitter: BRAZENChocolate

20. Bronx Grrl Chocolate
Bronx, New York
“We use Trinitario cacao beans, directly purchased only from organic Fair-Trade sources in the Dominican Republic.”

21. Burnt Fork Bend
Stevensville, Montana
Handcrafted, small-batch chocolate made with cocoa beans sourced from Central and South American countries. “My goal is to make the best tasting, highest quality chocolate using fair trade, minimally processed ingredients.”

22. Cacao Atlanta Chocolate Company
Atlanta, Georgia
“Specializes in the creation of exquisite origin-driven chocolate and confections…Every detail is considered from the moment the Cacao bean is carefully planted and cultivated. Uncompromising in high standards of excellence, Cacao Atlanta partners with scientists and local growers to achieve extraordinary quality in ingredients and upholds hand production methods throughout the entire process of chocolate creation. “
Twitter: Cacaoatlanta

23. Cacao Prieto
Brooklyn, New York
Single-origin Dominican organic chocolate. “Cacao Prieto products are sourced from organic cacao beans from Coralina farms and organic sugars from the Dominican Republic.”
Twitter: CacaoPrieto

24. Cao Chocolates
Miami, Florida
Uses only single-origin cacao beans from small farms around the world to make hand-created, fine chocolates.
Twitter: caochocolates

25. Castronovo Chocolate
Stuart, Florida
Single-origin and organic chocolate. “We at Castronovo Chocolate are in relentless pursuit of discovering the absolute depths of the chocolate experience.”
Twitter: CastronovoChoc

26. Ceda Chocolate
Edinburg, Texas
“We make chocolate directly from the cacao bean in small batches. Our cacao comes from Ecuador and is single origin, fairly traded, and pesticide free.”

27. Cellar Door Chocolates
Louisville, Kentucky
“Roasting our own cacao beans from various regions across the world to bring the best quality chocolate to our customers.”
Twitter: cellardoorchoco

28. Cello Chocolate
Nevada City, California
Handcrafted chocolate made from single-origin cocoa beans.
“When available, we purchase Certified Fair Trade and Organic beans.”

29. Charm School Chocolate
Baltimore, Maryland
“We artfully craft our non-dairy chocolate from direct trade cacao and organic ingredients, taking up to five days to roast and refine cocoa beans into polished, vegan chocolate.”
Twitter: charmschoolchoc

30. Chequessett Chocolate
Cape Cod, Massachusetts
“We carefully handcraft our chocolate in small batches from fine-flavor, sustainably grown cacao beans… We believe in promoting sustainable agriculture and our direct trade relationships with producers ensure that our supply chain is ethical and environmentally sound.”

31. Chocofin
Fountain Hills, Arizona
“We start with the finest organically grown cocoa beans from around the world… Only a little organic sugar is added.”

32. Chocolate Compromiso — Appears to be out of business.
St. Paul, Minnesota
Direct trade cacao from Central and South America.

33. Chocotenango
Washington, DC
“We source our organically grown coco beans from small farmer owned cooperatives in the heart of the Dominican Republic.”
Twitter: Chocotenango

34. ChocoVivo
Los Angeles, California
Stone-ground dark chocolate with no conching or tempering. Direct trade.

35. ChocXO
Irvine, California & Delta, British Columbia
“ChocXO is a better for you chocolate company. With responsible portion sizes and clean ingredients, you’ll feel good about eating our chocolate.”

36. Cocanú Chocolate
Portland, Oregon
Dark, milk, and white chocolate.
Twitter: cocanu

37. Coleman & Davis Artisan Chocolate — Now Taste Artisan Chocolate
Provo, Utah
“We are currently working with Beans that have origins in Peru, Ecuador, Madagascar and have many others on the way!”

38. Condor Chocolates
Athens, Georgia
Uses cacao from Ecuador.
Twitter: condorchocolate

39. Creo Chocolate
Portland, Oregon
Small-batch 73% chocolate made with Heirloom Arriba Nacional cacao beans from Ecuador.
Twitter: creochocolate

40. Cru Chocolate
Sacramento, California
Sources fine cacao from Central America to use in chocolate and other cacao-based creations.
Twitter: CruChocolate

41. Cultura Craft Chocolate
Denver, Colorado
“Dedicated to producing the highest quality chocolate, using sustainably sourced ingredients & creative flavor pairings.”
Twitter: CulturaChoc

42. Dagoba
Ashland, Oregon
Owned by The Hershey Company.
The product line (from 37 to 87 percent cacao) is made with cacao from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms in Peru, Dominican Republic, and Tanzania.
Twitter: DagobaChocolate

43. Dalloway Chocolate
Brooklyn, New York
Small-batch, organic, fair-trade chocolate.
Twitter: DallowayChoco

44. Dandelion Chocolate
San Francisco, California
Uses two ingredients to make chocolate — cocoa beans and organic cane sugar. Direct trade.
Twitter: DandelionChoco

45. Dar Chocolate
Denver, Colorado
“We handcraft our bars from the bean all the way to delicious chocolate, usually using 2 ingredients only: cacao beans and sugar. We source our beans from different origins, such as Ecuador, Costa Rica, Venezuela and Vietnam.”

46. Dark Forest Chocolate Makers
Lancaster, New York
“Our cacao beans originate from farmers in Central & South American and Africa who are paid fair-trade, or better, rates.” Soy-free and nut-free, with vegan options.

47. Davis Chocolate
Mishawaka, Indiana
Uses single-origin beans to craft bean-to-bar chocolate for private label store brands and makes custom bean blends for chocolatiers.
Twitter: DavisChocolate

48. Dead Dog Chocolate
Denver, Colorado
Supports ethically sourced and organic cacao farms. “We hand sort, crack, roast, winnow, grind, conche, temper and mold all of our chocolate… We save our roasted shells and use them to make a variety of cacao infused teas.”
Twitter: DeadDogChocolat

49. Del Sol Chocolate
Viroqua, Wisconsin
Handmade, stone-ground chocolate using organic, fair-trade cacao beans.

50. Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate
Eureka, California
Small-batch bean-to-bar chocolate.
Twitter: craftchocolate

51. Dove Chocolate
Hackettstown, New Jersey
Owned by Mars
Twitter: DoveChocolate

52. Double Spiral Chocolate
Ardentown, Delaware
“Double Spiral Chocolate balances taste & nutrition using minimal processing of only 2 organic ingredients sourced by Direct or Fair Trade: Cacao Beans (70–80%) & Unrefined Cane Sugar (non-centrifugal).”
Twitter: dblspiralchoc

53. Dulcinea Craft Chocolate
Beaver, Pennsylvania
“Our chocolate is made with direct trade cacao beans and non GMO sugar. Our ingredients are organic, sustainably and ethically farmed.”
Twitter: DulcineaChocola

54. Durci
South Lindon, Utah
“It begins, naturally, with superior cocoa beans from the fertile farmlands of South and Central America. There we have built strong relationships with many native farmers, discovering many of the world’s finest bean varieties and working directly with the farmers to perfect techniques for their growing, harvesting and natural processing.”
Twitter: durcichocolate

55. Endorfin Foods
Northern California
“We formulate each of our recipes from scratch using the highest quality cacao we can find, employing just the right amount of whole food sweeteners, spices, & essential oils… We have chosen not to roast our cacao beans, which allows us to deliver the maximum range of flavor & antioxidants possible with every bar we make.” No dairy, soy, or refined sugar.

56. Enna Chocolate
Exeter, New Hampshire
“My chocolate is crafted entirely by hand in micro batches using ethically sourced cacao.”

57. Equal Exchange
Boston, Massachusetts
“Equal Exchange chocolates and cocoas are crafted using only the purest ingredients, grown with care by small farmer co-ops. We source from these small farmer organizations because we believe they are the heart and soul of the Fair Trade movement.”
Twitter: EqExCoop

58. Escazú Artisan Chocolates
Raleigh, North Carolina
Sources organic cacao beans from Costa Rica and cacao from Venezuela. Roasts and grinds on antique equipment and handcrafts bars, truffles, confections, ice cream, and more.
Twitter: EscazuChocolate

59. Ethereal Confections
Woodstock, Illinois
“We source from regions where we can forge an authentic and mutually beneficial relationship, and that means primarily Central and South America, though we sometimes experiment.”
Twitter: EtherealConf

60. Exquisito Fine Chocolates
Miami, Florida
Uses “only the best and most ethically sourced beans.”

61. Fine & Raw Chocolate
Brooklyn, New York
“We craft artisan confections using conscious ingredients and innovative low heat techniques to keep the chocolate’s raw vitality and flavor.’
Twitter: fineandraw

62. Firefly Chocolate
Windsor, California
“Dark chocolate for dark chocolate lovers. Our cacao beans are sourced directly from farmers in Belize.” Uses all organic ingredients. Uses coconut sugar.
Twitter: fireflychoco

63. Fortuna Chocolate
Boulder, Colorado
Organic, single-estate, direct-trade Mexican cacao.
Twitter: fortunapost

64. French Broad Chocolates
Asheville, North Carolina
“French Broad Chocolates imports cacao from our trusted farmers, and transforms it into fine chocolate.” Direct trade.
Twitter: frenchbroadchoc

65. Fresco Chocolate
Lynden, Washington
“Only three ingredients enter our chocolate: cocoa beans, cane sugar, and cocoa butter. We slowly drum-roast cocoa beans for each chocolate batch, releasing the cocoa’s unique flavors.”
Twitter: FrescoChocolat

66. Fresh Coast Chocolate
Traverse City, Michigan
“We carefully craft our chocolate in small batches from the world’s finest ethically-traded and sustainably-grown cacao. We source our beans from farmers who not only take great pride in growing quality cacao.”
Twitter: FreshCoastChoc

67. Frolic Chocolate
Charlottesville, Virginia
“We craft our chocolate from bean to bar over 36 hours or more.”

68. Fruition Chocolate
Shokan, New York
“We slowly roast and stone grind carefully selected cocoa beans to accentuate their inherent flavor… Our chocolate is made from fair trade and organically grown cocoa beans.”
Twitter: TasteFruition

69. Garden Island Chocolate
Kilauea, Hawaii
Chocolate made from cacao grown in Hawaii. Our chocolate is grown on Kauai using sustainable agricultural standards and practices. All processing of the chocolate from the bean to the finished bar is done on Kauai, insuring that the farmers are paid a premium for their beans.”

70. Ghirardelli
San Francisco, California
Owned by Lindt & Sprüngli
“Traceability — We know where our beans come from. Farmer organization and traceability is the base for all activities to improve the farmers’ and communities’ livelihoods… Lindt & Sprüngli sources 100% of its West African cocoa bean supply from Ghana because of the high quality of cocoa beans in the region.”
Twitter: LoveGhirardelli

71. Glennmade Craft Chocolate
Hoboken, New Jersey
“We handcraft the most flavorful bean to bar chocolate by sourcing premium quality and transparently sourced cacao through our growing relationships with trusted, environmentally conscious supply chain partners.”
Twitter: glennmade

72. Goodnow Farms Chocolate
Sudbury, Massachusetts
“We use only fine flavor beans ethically sourced from the small farmers and producers we’ve met on our travels throughout Mexico and Central America.”
Twitter: GoodnowFarms

73. Guittard Chocolate Company
Burlingame, California
“Through our direct relationships with cocoa growers all our beans are fairly traded and fully traceable to farms committed to sustainable and fair farming practices. We prohibit human trafficking and slave labor in our operations and our company standards require compliance with applicable laws and regulations. We expect our suppliers to comply with these same company standards, and to monitor their suppliers for compliance with these laws and regulations.”
Twitter: GuittardChoco

74. Harper Macaw
Washington, DC
Sources cocoa beans direct trade from Brazil’s Atlantic and Amazon rainforests and pays premiums that exceed those of Fair Trade by an average of 15 times.
Twitter: HarperMacaw

75. Hello Cocoa
Fayetteville, Arkansas
Handcrafted chocolate. “Through ethical trade, we strive to create relationships with locals and friends abroad to create an excellent chocolate experience.”
Twitter: Hello_Cocoa

76. HEXX Chocolate
Las Vegas, Nevada
“HEXX uses cacao beans sourced from the best farms around the world and transforms them into craft chocolate showcasing the flavorful varietals of different regions and growers… HEXX dark chocolate is created from only two ingredients: cacao beans and organic palm sugar. Even our milk chocolate is crafted the same way, with just a touch of organic milk and vanilla.”
Twitter: hexxchocolate

77. Hilo Sharks Chocolate
Papaikou, Hawaii
Makes 100% Hawaiian chocolate using Hawaiian cacao, organic sugar, and Hawaiian vanilla.

78. indi Chocolate
Seattle, Washington
“indi Chocolate sources cacao beans directly from farmers to make small batch, single origin, dark chocolate. We make a wide range of cacao based products including teas, spice rubs, and body care products made from cocoa butter.”
Twitter: indichocolate

79. Izard Chocolate
Little Rock, Arkansas
“We’re focused on buying above Fair Trade standards, organic, high quality, and fine flavor cacao. We use organic cane sugar for both our chocolate and our caramel.”

80. Jerjobo Chocolate
Bountiful, Utah
“We use premium fair trade cacao beans in our Noble Bean Chocolate Bars.”
Twitter: JerjoboChocolat

81. Kerchner Artisan Chocolate (no website)
Burlington, Vermont
Uses organic cacao from the Guaconejo Forest Reserve in the northern mountain range of the Dominican Republic.

82. Kiskadee Chocolates
Austin, Texas
“We make single-origin, organic chocolate in small batches… We use cacao that is purchased from around the world from farmers and farmer’s coops that are paid a fair wage. Kiskadee Chocolates produces bars, drinking chocolate, and brewing cacao.”
Twitter: kiskadeechoc

83. Kto Chocolate
Hermitage, Pennsylvania
100% organic, handcrafted chocolate.
Twitter: KtoChocolate

84. K’ul Chocolate
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Direct trade with farms in Brazil, Costa Rica, Ecuador, and Peru. “K’ul (pronounced cool) creates great tasting, good for you, functional chocolate and energy bars.”
Twitter: KulChocolate

85. Kyya Chocolate
Elm Springs, Arkansas
“Through adventures to cacao farms around the globe, we craft distinctive chocolate for our customers. We make small batches of chocolate with hand-picked single origin beans to highlight the unique flavor profiles.”
Twitter: kyyachocolate

86. Lake Champlain Chocolates
Burlington, Vermont
Makes a micro-batch line of chocolate called Blue Bandana using cacao beans sourced directly from farmers. Also makes products that have Fair for Life — Social & Fair Trade Certification.
Twitter: LCChocolates and bluebandanachoc

87. Lamourette Chocolat
San Francisco, California
“We start with raw, single-origin cacao beans.”
Twitter: LamouretteSF

88. LetterPress Chocolate
Los Angeles, California
“We pay premium prices for our cacao, working with sustainable agroforestry and biodiverse ecosystems so that we can have a brighter future. In many cases, the farms and co-ops we work with are Organic certified. Our unrefined cane sugar is always Organic certified. We do not use soy, wheat, or dairy and all our bars are vegan friendly.”
Twitter: LetterpressChoc

89. Lillie Belle Farms
Central Point, Oregon
Produces handmade artisan chocolates using time-honored European techniques, including organic bean-to-bar chocolate bars. “We have scoured the globe for some of the best cocoa beans on the planet and flavors that are truly out of this world!”
Twitter: LillieBelleFarm

90. Lonohana Estate Chocolate
Honolulu, Hawaii
“By controlling the entire product cycle, starting with our own Hawaii-grown cacao all the way through crafting small batches of world-class chocolate bars in Honolulu, we hope to share where this beloved food comes from, how it is grown and made.”
Twitter: lonohana

91. LoveBar
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
“We produce dark chocolate bars that range from 56%-90% cacao… includes three ingredients: cacao beans, cocoa butter and organic sugar.”
Twitter: phillylovebar

92. Lulu’s Chocolate
Sedona, Arizona
“We use only cacao that is fair trade and sourced from small family farms. Every ingredient in our bars is sourced mindfully to ensure we are aligned with sustainable creation and we partner only with companies who hold these values.”
Twitter: luluschocolate

93. Madécasse
Brooklyn, New York
Uses heirloom cocoa from Madagascar and makes much of the chocolate in that country. Direct trade.
Twitter: madecasse

94. Madre Chocolate
Kailua, Oahu, Hawaii
Gourmet eco-friendly bean-to-bar chocolate products made from Hawaiian grown fair-trade beans.
Twitter: madrechocolate

95. Mahogany Chocolate
Lubbock, Texas
“We source our cacao from small farms in the Caribbean, Central and South America.”
Twitter: MahoganyChoco

96. Mama Ganache Artisan Chocolates
San Luis Obispo, California
“Chocolate from single source beans grown around the world and obtained through direct trade.” In addition to selling its own chocolates, the company sells bulk chocolate to chocolatiers.
Twitter: MamaGanache

97. Manoa
Kailua, Oahu, Hawaii
Sources single-origin cacao from across the Hawaiian Islands and around the world. Direct trade.
Twitter: ManoaChocolate

98. Map Chocolate Co.
Portland, Oregon
“We make single origin chocolate bars, a range of chocolate provisions for both baking + confection making, and drinking chocolates.”
Twitter: mapchocolate

99. Marin Munchies
San Rafael, California
Handmade single- and multi-origin ethical craft chocolate bars. “All products are vegan, paleo, low glycemic, gluten-, soy-, additive-free.”
Twitter: MarinMunchies

100. Marsatta Fancy Chocolates
Torrance, California
Handcrafted, organic, vegan chocolate
Twitter: Marsatta

101. Mast Brothers
Brooklyn, New York
Twitter: mastbrothers

102. Maverick Chocolate
Cincinnati, Ohio
“Using only ethically sourced cacao beans, we hand craft our chocolate in small batches from bean to the finished bar.”
Twitter: MaverickChoco

103. Mayacama Chocolate
Napa Valley, California
“Emphasis is on hand crafted single origin-fair trade beans.”

104. Meadowlands Chocolate
Meadowlands, Minnesota
“Ethically and sustainably harvested and traded. Organic by nature. Vegan and gluten-free. GMO-free. No added cocoa butter, lecithin, soy, dairy, wheat, vanilla, or nuts.”
Twitter: MeadowlandsChoc

105. Mezzo Chocolate
Salt Lake City, Utah
Handcrafted, single-origin dark drinking chocolate and chocolate teas.
Twitter: Mezzo_Chocolate

106. Middlebury Chocolates
Middlebury, Vermont
“All of our cocoa beans are fairly traded from farms and co-operatives that promote long-term sustainable growth. All of our cocoa beans are heirloom varieties that are either certified organic or are certified by the Rainforest Alliance.”
Twitter: MiddChoc

107. Millcreek Cacao Roasters
Salt Lake City, Utah
Imports exclusive responsibly grown Arriba Nacional beans from a responsibly run plantation in Ecuador and makes dark chocolate.
Twitter: MillcreekCacao

108. Mindo Chocolate Makers
Dexter, Michigan
Organic, fair-trade, and single-origin chocolate made from Ecuadorian cacao.
Twitter: MindoChocolate

109. Moloa’a Bay Coffee
Kaua‘i, Hawaii
“In 2005, we began planting rows of cacao trees among the fields of coffee, and we now have a number of cacao and chocolate offerings available.”

110. Molucca Craft Chocolate
Fresno, California
Small-batch, handcrafted chocolate. Works directly with a single-origin cacao supplier in Buru, Molucca.
Twitter: molucca_choc

111. Muchamas Chocolate
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
“Helping Nicaraguan farmers share their heirloom cacao with the world.”
Twitter: muchomascacao

112. Mutari Chocolate
Santa Cruz, California
“Specializing in ethically sourced single origin craft chocolate bars and drinking chocolate.” Stone ground, handcrafted.
Twitter: MutariChocolate

113. Nathan Miller Chocolate
Chambersburg, Pennsylvania
Single-origin chocolate.
Twitter: NMChocolate

114. Nibble Chocolate
San Diego, California
Vegan and organic dark chocolate handcrafted in small batches with ethically sourced single-origin cocoa beans.
Twitter: nibblechocolate

115. Night Owl
Simpsonville, South Carolina
Handmade organic, fair-trade chocolate.
Twitter: nightowlchocol8

116. Noir d’Ebene Chocolat et Patisserie
Evanston, Illinois
“I’ve been importing cacao beans and making chocolate from scratch from bean to bar since 2012.”
Twitter: NoirdEbene1

117. Nova Chocolate
Lafayette, Colorado
Uses “exceptional cacao beans, harvested and roasted at their origin using traditional techniques. Working directly with farmers, we help promote sustainable communities while creating chocolate of unsurpassed quality and purity.”
Twitter: NovaChocolate

118. Nuance Chocolate
Fort Collins, Colorado
“We start by selecting premium cacao beans from ethical sources around the globe, which we gently roast in small batches to develop depth and range. Then we grind them for as many as three consecutive days, creating the ideal balance of flavors, aromas, and textures. Finally, we form the chocolate into a range of delicious treats, ranging from single-origin bars to rich truffles.”
Twitter: NuanceChocolate

119. Ohiyo Chocolate
Columbus, Ohio
Twitter: OhiyoChocolate

120. Olive & Sinclair Chocolate
Nashville, Tennessee
“Slow-roasted and stone ground in small batches, select single origin beans are combined with pure brown sugar for a smooth and robust flavor unique to Southern Artisan Chocolate™.”
Twitter: olivesinclair

121. Omanhene Cocoa Bean Company
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Chocolate and hot cocoa from Ghana, West Africa. “At Omanhene, we go from cocoa tree to finished chocolate bar entirely in Ghana. The process takes around 6 weeks.”
Twitter: OmanheneChoc

122. Original Hawaiian Chocolate
Kailua-Kona, Hawaii
Single-origin Hawaiian dark and milk chocolate, including a Criollo Dark Chocolate. The first company ‘to grow, hand-pick, sun-dry and process only 100% Hawaiian grown cocoa beans, non-blended to assure purity and quality.”

123. Parliament Chocolate
Redlands, California
Small-batch, two-ingredient chocolate: high-quality cacao and organic cane sugar. “We go directly to the farmers and their families and pay them above market value for their hard work and commitment to environmental stewardship.”
Twitter: ParliamentChoc

124. Patric Chocolate
Columbia, Missouri
Single-origin, blended, and flavored chocolate bars made only with certified organic ingredients. “We search the world for cocoa beans with the best flavor and choose organic whenever possible. We pay at least Fair Trade, though often much higher prices.”
Twitter: PatricChocolate

125. Pinellas Chocolate
Tampa Bay, Florida
“Single origin, Florida-inspired and seasonal varieties of bean to bar chocolate, to accommodate a variety of palettes and preferences.”
Twitter: PinellasChoco

126. Pinnacle Chocolate
Enosburg Falls, Vermont
Makes milk chocolate using only cacao beans, maple sugar, cocoa butter, and milk powder.

127. Pitch Dark Chocolate
Portland, Oregon
Single-origin artisan craft chocolate containing only cacao beans, cocoa butter, and sugar. “We ensure quality of our products by keeping close relations with our cacao bean suppliers.”
Twitter: PitchDarkChoco

128. Potomac Chocolate Co.
Woodbridge, Virginia
Handcrafted, small-batch chocolate containing only cacao and sugar.
Twitter: PotomacChoco

129. Potts Chocolate
Charlotte, North Carolina
“We get our raw cacao beans from places like Madagascar, Venezuela, Costa Rica, and Peru.”
Twitter: pottschocolate

130. Powell & Jones
Bainbridge Island, WA
Handmade pralines and bean-to-bar chocolate bars using direct trade organic cacao and USDA organic sugar.

131. Puna Chocolate
Hilo, Hawaii
100% Hawaiian chocolate
Twitter: punachocolate

132. Raaka Chocolate
Brooklyn, New York
Makes chocolate using certified organic, unroasted cacao beans. “For us, sourcing is more than just procuring raw materials: it’s establishing a relationship with the people who do the hardest and most crucial work. We consider the cooperatives and farms we source from partners.”
Twitter: RaakaChocolate

133. Ranger Chocolate
Portland, Oregon
Small-batch chocolate using ethically sourced cacao beans.

134. Raw Chocolate Love
Brooklyn, New York
“We have scoured the globe for the highest quality raw and organic ingredients to create dark, raw chocolate.”
Twitter: rawchocolove

135. Ritual Chocolate
Park City, Utah
“Ritual Chocolate handcrafts small batch, bean-to-bar chocolate using classic European methods with a modern American style… We source some of the highest quality cacao in the world.” Uses only two ingredients: cacao and cane sugar.
Twitter: RitualChocolate

136. Rogue Chocolatier
Three Rivers, Massachusetts
“We work directly with farmers and producers to procure the best quality raw materials we can find. In addition, we pay high quality-based premiums that are on the order of 2–4 times the minimums required by Fair Trade organizations.”
Twitter: RogueChocolate

137. Sacred Chocolate
Novato, California
Makes handmade unroasted, stone-ground, organic, and vegan chocolate, sweetened with maple, inulin, or erythritol. Uses fair-trade certified Arriba Nacional whole bean cacao from Ecuador.
Twitter: SacredChocolate

138. Salazon Chocolate Co.
Eldersburg, Maryland
Makes salted chocolate. “100% organic certified, Fair Trade Hispaniola cacao and natural, solar-evaporated sea salt.”
Twitter: salazonchoc

139. Santosha Chocolate
Asheville, North Carolina
Raw, organic, vegan, stone-ground chocolate made with fair-trade, organic, raw heirloom cacao beans from Peru. Sweetened with organic coconut palm sugar.
Twitter: Santoshachoc

140. Scharffen Berger
San Francisco, California
Owned by The Hershey Company.
Scharffen Berger “travels the world in search of the finest cacao beans, carefully selecting and blending beans from fabled cacao producing countries, including Madagascar, Indonesia, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Trinidad, Tanzania, Venezuela, Brazil, Panama, Vietnam, Grenada, Paupua New Guinea, Bali, Ghana and Peru.”
Twitter: ScharffenBerger

141. Shark Mountain Coffee
Charlottesville, Virginia
“Our chocolate bars and sauce are roasted and processed on-site from start to finish over one or two days… To preserve the unique flavors of different cocoa beans from around the world, we produce only single-origin chocolate products, giving our chocolate the same clarity of flavor we champion in our coffee.”
Twitter: SharkMtnCoffee

142. Sibu Sura Chocolates
Myersville, Maryland
Uses single-origin 100% organic and fair-trade cacao beans from Peru.
Twitter: SibuSura

143. SiriuS Chocolate
Austin, Texas
Handmade, stone-ground, raw chocolate made with sustainably sourced cacao, coconut sugar, vanilla, and Himalayan Mineral Salt.
Twitter: siriuschocolate

144. Sjölinds Chocolate House
Mount Horeb, Wisconsin
Small-batch chocolate

145. Snake & Butterfly
Campbell, California
“We source our own organic fair trade cocoa nibs from a farm in the Dominican Republic.”
Twitter: snakebutterfly

146. Sol Cacao
Harlem, New York
Two ingredients: cacao beans and raw cane sugar. Sources cacao from Trinidad & Tobago. Organic, fair trade.
Twitter: SolCacao

147. Solstice Chocolate
Murray, Utah
“Solstice gourmet chocolate is handcrafted from high quality, rare, organic cacao beans processed with organic cane sugar and organic cocoa butter in extremely small batches.” Sources beans direct and fair trade from cacao farmers.
Twitter: solsticechoc

148. Somerville Chocolate
Somerville, Massachusetts
Bean-to-bar chocolate CSA. “The central mission of the CSA is to involve people with the process of chocolate making by preparing multiple bar ‘harvests’ (deliveries) that showcase variations on a particular aspect of the chocolate making process.” Also sells individual chocolate bars to the general public.
Twitter: ChocolateCSA

149. Source Chocolates
Concord, New Hampshire
“Source Chocolates imports cacao beans as directly and fairly as possible… This chocolate is made in micro batches so each bar stands on its own. The beans are minimally processed and molded by hand into single-origin dark chocolate bars. “

Gaithersburg, Maryland
Truffles, bonbons, and premium dark chocolate bars ranging between 70 and 80%, made from single-estate cacao. “We cultivate and process our own cacao beans the traditional way, by hand-picking perfectly ripened pods, fermenting them, drying them and grading them ourselves.”
Twitter: SPAGnVOA

151. SRSLY Chocolate
Austin, Texas
Stone-ground chocolate handcrafted from organic and fair-trade cacao.
Twitter: SRSLYchocolate

152. Starchild Chocolate
Willits, California
“We work with some of the world’s rarest cacao, from regions all across the globe, to provide an array of chocolate unlike any other.” Organic, single-origin chocolate sweetened with coconut sugar.
Twitter: Starchildcacao

153. Steelgrass Farm Chocolate
Kapa’a, Kauai, Hawaii
This farm grows cacao and makes chocolate from it.
Twitter: SteelgrassFarm

154. Stone Grindz
Phoenix, Arizona
Small-batch craft chocolate.
Twitter: StoneGrindz

155. Sublime Chocolate
Allen, Texas
A chocolate and coffee shop that handcrafts truffles, bonbons, ice cream, bean-to-bar chocolate tablets and tasting bars, and coffee drinks.
Twitter: Sublimechocolat

156. Sweet Minou Chocolate (no website)
Lincoln, Nebraska
“Imaginative chocolates, treats, & custom orders — made with organic, fairly-traded cacao.”

157. Tabal Chocolate
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Sources organically and sustainably produced cacao beans from Costa Rica, Bolivia, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, and Nicaragua. Uses only fairly traded ingredients in the chocolate.
Twitter: TabalChocolate

158. Taza Chocolate
Somerville, Massachusetts
Stone-ground chocolate made using traditional Mexican stone mills, called molinos. 100% Certified USDA Organic, Direct Trade, Non-GMO Project Verified, gluten free, kosher, dairy free, soy free, vegan. “We maintain direct relationships with our cacao farmers and pay a premium above the Fair Trade price for their cacao.”
Twitter: TazaChocolate

159. Tchefuncte Chocolate — URL is redirecting to NOLA Cacao Co. (May 18, 2017)

160. TCHO
Berkeley, California
Uses direct-trade cacao from Peru, Ecuador, Madagascar, and Ghana. “We don’t just buy good beans, we help make the best beans. TCHOSource is our unique sourcing program, designed to obtain the best beans in the world while enabling the producers of those beans to earn a better living.”
Twitter: TCHOchocolate

161. Tease Chocolates
Tacoma, Washington
“We make single origin bars, caramels, truffles, etc.”
Twitter: TeaseChocolates

162. Tejas Chocolate Craftory
Tomball, Texas
“We hand craft award winning chocolate using only premium cocoa beans sourced from cacao farms around the world.”
Twitter: TejasChocolate

163. Terroir Chocolate
Fergus Falls, Minnesota
“Ethically sourced cacao beans, hand sorted, small batch roasted, and stone-ground for several days, molded into bars and hand wrapped.” Ingredients: organic cocoa beans, organic cane sugar, organic cocoa butter.”

164. The Chocolate Conspiracy
Salt Lake City, Utah
Unroasted chocolate. “All Cacao products we source are 100% raw, Certified Organic, Certified Fair Trade & Certified Kosher.”
Twitter: chococonspiracy

165. The Oakland Chocolate Company
Oakland, California
“Bean to Bar to Bonbon manufacturer of handmade artisan chocolates. We exclusively use cocoa beans from Jamaica from the parish of St. Mary.” Mostly 70% cacao, although also offers a 45% cacao milk chocolate and a 85% cacao plain bar.
Twitter: oakchocolateco

166. Theo Chocolate
Seattle, Washington
“As the first organic and Fair Trade chocolate factory in the country, our founding principle is that the finest artisan chocolate in the world can (and should) be produced in an entirely ethical, sustainable fashion. All of our ingredients are carefully screened and 3rd party verified to ensure they meet our standards for social and environmental responsibility.”
Twitter: theochocolate

167. Tightrope Chocolate
Appears to be out of business.

168. Tree House Chocolate
Portland, Oregon
Certified organic, direct-trade drinking chocolate.
Twitter: treehousechoc

169. Twenty-Four Blackbirds Chocolate
Santa Barbara, California
Single-origin, handmade artisan chocolates produced in small batches with no emulsifiers or additives.
Twitter: 24blkbrds

170. Two Ravens Chocolate
St. Paul, Minnesota
“We source only certified organic and certified fair-trade cacao from Central and South America.”

171. Uli Mana
Asheville, North Carolina
Handmade certified organic, vegan raw chocolate truffles. Dairy, gluten, and soy-free, non-GMO, no processed sugar, and Fair Trade. Sources Balinese cacao from individual family farms and cooperatives. Also uses Peruvian cacao.
Twitter: UliMana

172. Undone Chocolate
Washington, DC
“We make chocolate from scratch, with just two ingredients, organic cacao and organic sugarcane. All of our cocoa beans are farm direct, sourced directly from small co-ops and producers in the Caribbean and Central and South America.”
Twitter: UndoneChocolate

173. Upchurch Chocolate
Richmond, Virginia
Small-batch chocolate. “We source the highest quality cacao beans money can buy and make sure that it is ethically produced from farms around the world.”
Twitter: UpchurchRVA

174. Vicuña Chocolate Factory
Peterborough, New Hampshire
“Ethically sources the finest heirloom cocoa beans” to make 70% dark chocolate bars.
Twitter: VicunaChocolate

175. Videri Chocolate Factory
Raleigh, North Carolina
Buys select beans from throughout Central and South America, based on pricing and availability, “with a commitment to achieving fair-trade and organic status whenever possible.”
Twitter: viderichocolate

176. Violet Sky
South Bend, Indiana
“Only two ingredients are needed: cacao and sugar.”

177. Vivra Chocolate
Boston, Massachusetts
“For our Single Origin Bean to Bar we carefully source the finest beans from outstanding growing regions around the world.”
Twitter: vivrachocolate

178. WKND Chocolate
Denver, Colorado
Ethically sourced cacao.
Twitter: wkndchocolate

179. Wm. Chocolate
Madison, Wisconsin
“Our chocolate is free from all chemical and artificial ingredients, and contains only cocoa beans, organic cocoa butter, and organic unrefined cane sugar. Our milk chocolate is made with organic grassfed milk from Wisconsin.”

180. Woodblock Chocolate
Portland, Oregon
Sources beans from Trinidad, Peru, Ecuador, and Madagascar.

181. Wren Chocolate Makers — Appears to be out of business.
Portland, Oregon
“We source our cocoa beans with integrity, then roast, winnow, grind, temper, and age them with the absolute best spices and ingredients we can get our hands on.”
Twitter: wrenchocolate

182. Xocolatl
Atlanta, Georgia
“Our small batch chocolate is made from cacao that is sustainably and ethically grown, harvested, fermented and sun-dried on small farms throughout the Americas and East Africa.”
Twitter: XOAtlChocolate

183. Zak’s Chocolate
Scottsdale, Arizona
“We roast cocoa beans ethically sourced from different regions and make our own single origin and house blend chocolate to use in bars, truffles and other yummy confections. Everything is done by hand, from sorting cocoa beans to wrapping our bars.”
Twitter: ZaksChocolate

Did I miss any U.S. bean-to-bar chocolate companies? If so, or if you have corrections to this list, let me know in the comments.

For tweets about chocolate, follow @ChocolateViews.

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