Catalysing scientific research with performing arts- a workshop by EpicaLab linking research, disease and theatre

split theatre stage one part in purpe with a lot of people the other white with empty chairs image by Carolin Vogler
split theatre stage one part in purpe with a lot of people the other white with empty chairs image by Carolin Vogler

The idea may sound astranged: using immersive performances to study complex cell behaviour and fuel scientific and medical research, yet results are astonishing.

For two weeks I had the pleasure of experimenting, being experimented with, learn, create and support as a member of the EpicaLab workshop “Complex Systems/ sistemas complejos”.

Captures from a live performance with explanations of the individual scenes in Spanish

Led by EpicaLab- the foundation of the infamous La Fura dels Baus, 27 international participants of diverse disciplines and crafted and performed…

Our IEEE Brain Prize winning project at the Hackathon as part of Ars Electronica, Linz 2019

Ars Electronica interface design hackathon winners Carolin Vogler Anna Kurzecka EEG headset 3d print
Ars Electronica interface design hackathon winners Carolin Vogler Anna Kurzecka EEG headset 3d print
R: Design with highlighted electrode position L: Team members Carolin Vogler, JooYoung OH & Anna Kurzecka

During the yearly arts and technology festival Ars Electronica festival in Linz Austria, invited curious participants to work on an innovative use or design for their EEG brain-computer interface. We had 24h to develop, prototype and present our solutions.

The team

Meeting at the hackathon we built an international interdisciplinary team with a diverse mix of skills

Jooyoung Oh from Korea is an AI specialist and artist

Anna Kurzecka from Poland who works as a mechanical engineer in the automotive industry

Carolin Vogler from…

Reversing the process of jewellery making

A contemporary jewellery project by — Carolin Vogler

Turning tree seeds into crystallised urban jewellery
The project upcycles natural resources and raises awareness for the beauty of nature around us.

Many tree seeds that are regarded as waste in urban areas. By crystallising the seeds, they gain additional value, visibility and acceptance as jewellery pieces.

Reversing the traditional idea of jewellery craftsmen forcing a shape onto natural stones, I designed a mini collection of 12 jewellery pieces made from treasures of nature overgrown by crystals.

an interactive wearable light installation

created by Adria Perez-Rovira, Carolin Vogler, Eduardo M. Insua, María Isabel Cevallos, Nikoletta Theodoridi, Richard Santana, Ruben Oya and Sara Montoya as part of the ProtoPixel hackathon “Hack the Light Up” 2019

Photo by Sara Montoya

During the Barcelona Llum light festival 2019, ProtoPixel gave 40 eager creatives the chance to explore new ways of interaction and learn about the ProtoPixel soft- and hardware, while creating unique light installations.

3D print to drape and manipulate textiles using FilaFlex

Final Course Work at Fabricademy, Fab Lab Bcn

Mentors: Anastasia Pistofidou & Adriana Cabrera

Model: Rose Ekwé Photo: Carolin Vogler


The project aims to find a way to reduce cut waste in the garment production, shorten production steps and make items with complex pleating designs faster and easier to replicate.

15% of textiles in garment production end up as cut waste.[i]

While some designers use entirely 3D printed clothing to reduce waste and create complex art, many of these designs lack wearability, warmth and smoothness to the touch that customers are used to from current high street fashion.

My project combines traditional jersey textiles and 3d…

Soft sensors

Creating soft sensors & experimenting with micro controllers

Material library

Materials at the Fab Lab BCN

First of all we catalogued all materials at the lab to choose the most suitable for each project and sensor.

We had 10 different conductive fabrics and yarns and measured their resistance using multimeters. Surprisingly our two multimeters showed different results for the same farbic and distance.

Augmented yoga mat

Yoga has been an important element of my weekly schedule for years. If it is to relax after work, stretch, workout or simply find time listen to your body and concentrate on your personal practice goals — every class has noticeable benefits for me.

In my home based practice however I am often missing the slight corrections of the instructor that make each posture feel ‘right’. …

Interactive Make-Up & more

Image taken from Barbara magazine, March 2017 p.48

After this weeks introduction by Katia Vega, expert and pioneer when it comes to skin electronics, I decided to work on two different ideas.

  • A Chinese inspired mask
  • Conductive make-up does showcases the circuit it entails



Taking a closer look at the concept of wearing a mask, I decided to concentrate on its ability to disguise people, hide and alter parts of the face. During my time living in Shanghai locals used to point out my ‘long nose’ as a main visual aspect of my appearance. This project aims to hide this feature of my face behind my knowledge…

Building a gripper and the struggles of making it curl up

Gripper bending test

During our soft robotics week, Laura Civetti and I followed the class instructions to build a pneumatic gripper. Several attempts and different experiments led to a partly moving prototype.


  • 120ml silicone: Ecoflex 00–30
  • 3D printer with PLA filament to make mold
  • Vacuum machine
  • Air pump, syringe and/or tube to insert air


Project ideas for the next 3 months


The Need

Currently 3D printing is applied in the fashion industry to:

  • create accessories
  • add details that could often have been applied in traditional techniques
  • print entire garments that lack the natural attributes of cotton, linen and wool that users are used to

Although 3D prints are slowly entering the market, consumers are still regarding them as ‘show pieces’ and items less practical for daily use.

Design by Iris van Herpen- Image Source:

Creating a garment that combines common fabrics with useful & functional 3D applications that add value, would bridge past and future fashion design.

In her article ‘3D printing in fashion promises to be huge — so…

Carolin Vogler

Creative marketing — eCommerce professional — Fashion researcher — Artist— Fabricademist

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