an interactive wearable light installation

created by Adria Perez-Rovira, Carolin Vogler, Eduardo M. Insua, María Isabel Cevallos, Nikoletta Theodoridi, Richard Santana, Ruben Oya and Sara Montoya as part of the ProtoPixel hackathon “Hack the Light Up” 2019

Photo by Sara Montoya
ProtoPixel controller with LEDs in the background — photo by Sara Montoya

Concept & Inspiration

Our piece is inspired by traditional Masai adornments, light reflections on textiles and the play of light on volumes of the human body. With the intention to craft a piece of wearable art that would transform the wearers body into a canvas of lights, we went to work.


A wearable that displays social media participation as an interactive light installation


Artistic fashion wearable “Socialight” — photo by Sara Montoya
Photo by Sara Montoya
Wearable in action
Team picture with wearable in action — l to r: Adriá, Eduardo, Richard, Nikoletta, Ruben, Carolin, María Isabel & Sara

Creative marketing — eCommerce professional — Fashion researcher — Artist— Fabricademist

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