Rome, photo by Upsplash

… The night continues to sweep over the peach-colored buildings of Rome. I kneel on a caramel leather pew.

I know, I get it/ I’m either at the bottom of a well/ Or spinning into somebody’s outdoor glass furniture/ Is this how I lose it?/ Everything at once?/ Carried to space by a dolphin balloon?- The Pull of You, The National

I wander into San Marcello al Corso on a dark purple October evening in 2018. The sweet Marcello’s marble bathes in warm, tangerine street light, my jet-lag warring with my body to feel the numbing effects of the best…

How do you stand out in an over-saturated internet rap scene? Release the best videos in the state of Texas — a lot of them, all at once.

Rone NFN video for “Baguettes”

There is a pattern among young emcees attempting to come up in the viral rap scene. The internet is producing similar sounding artists using over-synthesized flows, distancing beats (looking at you pre-loaded Garage Band loops), and trivial lyrics. The increased accessibility artists have to streaming services such as Spotify, YouTube Music, and Tidal democratizes the publishing process, but it also over-saturates the hip-hop market. …

“You got to be a different type of breed, a sign that says your different” -Breeze Dollaz on being an artist.

It is often in the overlooked cities we find the most exciting rap movements. When places like Houston and New Orleans arrived on the hip-hop circuit, their artists achieved commercial success slowly compared to their West and East Coast counterparts. Now, Hartford and New Haven, Connecticut, tucked in the suburbs, away from the typical commercial influences of New York City and Philadelphia, are producing significant flows in an all-ready saturated genre.

Your first experience listening to Connecticut rap will be overwhelming, if not jarring. Its regional sound reverberates throughout your psyche. In multiple crossfades dance-friendly twists, synthesized singing, and fast…

The film Breathless explains why we must embrace our personal freedom.

A bout de Soufflé, 1960, Jean-Luc Godard (Jean-Paul Belmondo Left, Jean Seberg Right)

An existential crisis is our fear of total authenticity. It is a signal we must give up either a current routine, personal conception of pride, or the myriad of cultural attributes we use to describe ourselves. If we do not reconsider one of these variables (or all three), we can experience a debilitating fear we will never find meaning, purpose, or value.

Existential crises are often linked to depression or negative speculations about the purpose of our current state of affairs. …

Photo by Kevin Hernandez on Unsplash

Houston feels heavy in June. I am driving past swerving high strung commuters on the city’s crackling infrastructure as sweltering heat rises and penetrates the humid coastal air suffocating eight lanes of converging I-45, I-69, and I-10 traffic. Tires stick to acid rain stained concrete overpasses where palm and pine trees sway from cars pushing toward their intended litter-lined exits.

Above the grimy bridges stratus clouds spread across a weighty blue sky and a coastal breeze forces harsh static into air conditioning vents. A seventy mile-per-hour drive continues northbound toward Midtown where freeways morph into intersections and bright green foliage…

The outlaw couple provides us with extreme fantasies about damned futures with our lovers. The deadly honeymooners Annie Laurie Starr (Peggy Cummins) and Barton Tare (John Dall) in Joseph F. Lewis’ Gun Crazy (1950) meet their demise due to their own vision of perfect, couple-infused stability. Laurie and Barton sustain their relationship by pursuing highly emotional, inescapable, and passionately unconditional love.

They commit to each other through their criminality rather than the traditional home, children, or job associated with traditional domesticity. Their partnership in crime tethers them to shared sin, hypothetically eliminating the possibility of relationship failure.

The outlaw couple…

Caroline Alice Guerin

eternal student with a creative mindset

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