But first, let me introduce myself

Hey Everyone!

For a long time I’ve tampered with the idea of starting a blog but dismissed my mundane life as something an audience would find to be of little interest.

But there is something about me that you should know: I am a survivor of sexual assault, and more specifically, rape.

So here I am, telling you this thing that is uncomfortable for many of you to talk about because sex itself is such a taboo subject. Mix that thing with violence and a culture of silence emerges.

I’ve decided to use this platform to practice speaking out, because I struggle with leading this conversation, a conversation that would help me in so many ways in my recovery.

So here I am, documenting my daily life through the lenses of someone who has experienced a life-altering trauma.

Of course that is only a piece of who I am, and this isn’t all I’ll be addressing; I have a life like a regular person with a daily routine and a perfected expertise in dating failure. I like to cook and practice yoga and read books.

I am your average twenty something starting a blog like a more modern day Carrie Bradshaw of the 2010s.

So here it is.


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