Stop saying “Thank You For Reading’’

A writer shall write, a reader shall read so please, don’t thank me.

A new trend has been spreading on Medium faster than lice in kindergarten, and it is worse than Brexit, Trump and the second season of True Detective altogether. Ok maybe not, but it’s like, really annoying:

Writers now all seem to end their articles with “Thank you for reading”.

No article should end with any of these sentences:

  • “Thank you for reading”.
  • “Thank you for your time.”
  • “Thank you guys for taking the time out to read my rant lol!”
  • “Thanks for reading and clapping (to let me know you enjoyed it!)”
  • “Thank you very much for reading my work.”
  • “Hope you enjoyed the article!”
  • “Please be kind.”

Imagine if every New York Times article closed on a “Cheers mate!” (yes I have seen someone finishing their article with “Cheers!”).

Why would you thank me for reading your article?

Writing is hard and sharing what you’ve written is scary, like sweating from your back scary.

I get it, I myself am trying to come to terms with the fact that what I want to write is worth writing, and that I’m allowed to send it out in the big bad world if it pleases me.

I also do understand wanting to be liked.

But the thing is, writing “Thank You’’ at the end of your articles doesn’t make you likeable or even polite. It doesn’t make your writing better either.

When I see “Thank You For Reading’’, the first thing that comes to my mind is “Why? What’s wrong with this article?”.

Do you consider what you’ve written such a chore to read that you have to thank me for doing it?

I’m sure that’s not the case, so there is no need to thank me. If I made it to the end of your piece that means it was good enough. You are good enough, so just keep on writing.

Do not try to filter your reader’s experience.

Maybe you’ve written “Thank you for reading” in the hope that the readers will be indulgent toward your work. They won’t.

Your readers will think what they want to think, probably as soon as the second line, and no amount of “thank you for reading”s or heart emoticons is going to change that.

(Also, they might just have scrolled through the page, while sitting on the toilet, so really you’re thanking them for nothing.)

The readers don’t need you to show your appreciation. They need you to publish something good and to own it.

“Thank you for reading” is as annoying as “Call To Actions” are trash.

Also, keep in mind that when you spend hours on Medium every week you see so many “Thank you for reading” that it just ends up being visual pollution.

It’s like those ad-banners on old-fashion websites. You notice them but not for the right reason. They are ugly and annoying.

By the way, asking readers to clap or subscribe is also irritating. It might have made sense when the platform just launched and its audience was new to it, but now 99% of Medium’s user know how to do it, and they’ll do it if they wanna do it. (The last 1% are cats.)

Be a writer. Be brave.

You know how you can tell if a comedian is confident at the way he walks on stage? Well, you can tell how confident a writer is by the way they finish their pieces. It should always end up on a high, with a mike drop.

Thank you for reading. ;)

A French, living in London, who likes to write.

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