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I am Caroline. I am someone who holds passion for the wonderful world of beauty. If you are a young lady, you know that this curiosity for lipsticks and eyeshadows begins the moment when your six year old self enviously watches your mother apply it on herself — a countdown begins in your small head, you cannot wait until the day that you are the one playing with the makeup.

Much like when I was young, I spent countless amount of time scrolling through the internet, attempting to find the latest trends, watching clips of makeup artists who film tutorials just so that I could better my technique. Often times when you are surrounded in a world that always seems to be better than you, it can become rather difficult to believe that YOU too can do what those big names in the makeup industry do. What many fail to realize is that as viewers of these “professionals”, we only get to see the final result, not the person who was once starting out. Everyone develops and everyone commences their journeys at some point, so why is everyone so scared of starting?

Eventually, I reached a point where I decided to try to be the person behind the screen instead of a viewer, because life is about the chances that you do decide to take. Now, I am definitely not Jaclyn Hill or Jeffree Star, but there is nothing wrong with wanting to be, and wanting to encourage those around me to take the chance to do something different, because the only way you can go is up.

** So, let’s begin with todays look**

To begin with, skin care is an incredible habit to build into your daily life. After cleansing, toning and moisturizing the skin, the surface is already that much smoother and ready for makeup application. Personally, I use the brand Khiel’s to accomplish this step, I follow it with the Bobbi Brown hydrating creme which is truly a hidden secret — although the price tag isn’t to friendly on this product, I have found the results to be completely worth it.

To prime the skin, I am currently loving the Becca black light primer, this formula does an excellent job priming as well as giving your skin an additional sense of glow to it, because I do have combination skin, I focus this primer around my smile lines and T-zone since this is where I tend to get the most oily throughout the day. Following the primer, at the moment I use the Nars ‘All day’ luminous foundation ( this is a quick drying foundation, make sure to move quickly) I buff this in with the Tarte beauty blender, I love using a beauty blender because I feel that it reduces streakiness and gives a great even finish. After the foundation is buffed in, I use the urban decay concealer under my eyes and blend this out with a beauty blender as well, this concealer is amazing because it is a self setting concealer and it doesn’t make the skin under your eyes appear to be too caked on. To set all of this I used the Bobbi Brown sheer setting powder today, concentrating it under my eyes, on my nose and forehead, to buff this in I used the Bobbi brown full face coverage brush.

On to the cheeks, today I didn’t really do much of a sharp contoured look, I mainly focused on creating a soft glow so that my eyes could be the focus. For the bronzer I went in with the Benefit Hoola bronzer, I wasn’t too careful or precise with this because I did not want it being too harsh. Right on the apples of my cheeks I placed my favorite blush by Bobbi Brown in shade Maui, once those two were blended out with a face blending brush by Mac, I finished the face off with the Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow kit, the soft and dreamy kit, a really pretty light brown color, I applied this highlight on the tops of my cheek bones and my cupids bow.

To begin the eyes, I started out by filling in my eye brows with my Mac eyebrow pencil in shade ‘brunette’. After the eye brows were done and set, I moved on to the eye shadow. For this look, I used the Coloured Raine Queen of Hearts palette. For the crease I blended in the color “princess” followed by “Royal prerogative”, ‘Princess” is a very beautiful light pink and with the hint of light brown added, the two made for a gorgeous transition shade. To begin darkening out the outer corners of my eyes, I started patting in “Duchess” which is a deep brown to the outer corner with a Mac flat brush and blending it up into the crease with a Mac blending brush, after this was blended to my satisfaction, I covered the crease in “Your Majesty” which is a beautiful goldfish orange color, to get the most out of this color, I sprayed it with Mac Fix plus and patted it on my eye lid with a flat brush. To finish the look, I placed “crown” on the inner corners of my eyes and my brow bone to add a popping highlight.

Last but certainly not least, for my lips I used “Androgyny” by Jeffree Star.

** Thank you for taking the time to read my makeup tutorial, I hope that one day I will be able to actually film my tutorials instead of writing them, if enough people begin to read my blog. If anyone has any questions about any products used, I would be happy to further elaborate. I think this look is awesome for any eye color but it would specifically pop brown/ green eyes! Thank you once again!**

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