How to Get Rid of Overwhelm — For Good.

It’s no secret that ambitious entrepreneurs, leaders, movers & shakers can get overwhelmed with loooooong to-do lists and overbooked schedules.

I get it.

Overwhelm used to be my nemesis too.

But a couple of years ago, I had an insight that enabled me to truly see the nature of overwhelm and to get rid of it. For GOOD.

Here’s how it happened….

In a conversation with my mentor coach, Michael Neill, I shared that I was in the middle of completing several online trainings and courses, I was fully booked with clients, and I was working on a program I wanted to launch that summer.

I felt overwhelmed just looking at my calendar.

I could feel the overwhelm as a constant uncomfortable buzzing energy in my body and wondered if there wasn’t a better way to go about creating my new business….

Then, Michael pointed out that overwhelm, even though it felt real in my body, was created by my own thinking.

My calendar wasn’t causing the feeling of overwhelm; my own thinking was.

That moment, I saw — on a very deep level — that my thoughts create how I feel. And my energy shifted instantly.

One powerful insight into the nature of thought, and POOF, the overwhelm was gone.

I felt myself drop into my body, and, strangely enough, I felt myself slow down and was left with a feeling of delicious calm.

What happened as a result of this insight is nothing short of miraculous: I completed two months of workload in two weeks.

Because I was feeling calm, grounded and clear, I was able to be so much more productive and effective. That’s the power of a clear state of mind; it leads to high performance with ease.

Once in a while, my old friend overwhelm shows up again. But now I see it for what it is: a thought-created feeling. And just like that, I’m back into my center, reconnected to my innate wellbeing.

And THAT is how I want to create a thriving business.

Caroline Frenette is an Intuitive Leadership Coach for ambitious women entrepreneurs, heart-centered leaders and movers & shakers who want to impact the world in a bold and beautiful way.

She’s also the founder of The Intuitive Leadership Academy and The Adventure Mastermind and the creator of the 12-week online program, From Broke to Blissfully Booked, in which she coaches women entrepreneurs around the world to create thriving businesses and extraordinary lives by tapping into the wisdom of their inner CEOs.

Caroline’s expertise has been featured in popular online magazines such as Om Times, My Yoga Online, Elephant Journal, Bella Life, The Yoga Blog, Her Future, Spiritual Wisdom Magazine and Owning Pink.

When she’s not coaching her international clientele, she loves to cook delicious organic meals for her fiancé, cuddle with her three adorable Schnoodles (and two very furry cats) and travel to exotic places.

To get in touch with Caroline or to learn more about her work and intuitive playshops, please visit You can also find her on Facebook , Twitter, Youtube and Periscope.