Chokers are taking one girl’s neck at a time

Blake Willoughby, Caroline Long (me), Collin Buttimer

It is Thursday night and Georgia College student, Blake Willoughby, is scrambling about her closet trying to find the perfect outfit for downtown. She puts on her buttoned-up denim skirt, black long- sleeve crop top, short boots, and at last, the most important accessory to the outfit, her 1-inch-wide choker necklace.

She fastens on her tightly-worn leather choker, smiles in the mirror, and is now ready to go grab a few drinks downtown with her friends.

When going out today, I have noticed that one is almost guaranteed to find not only one girl, but multiple girls, wearing a choker.

After months of wondering why in the world this trend is so hot right now, I decided to Google the necklace.

Cosmopolitan magazine, Teen Vogue magazine, and People’s magazine were just a few of many popular fashion magazines that had articles about the favored necklace and why they are such a hit.

“Many chokers that models and celebs wear today are almost exactly the same as the ones worn in the ‘90s,” said Brooke Shunatona, Cosmo writer.

Back in the ’90s, girls of all ages would wear a plastic, usually black, braided choker around their necks with any kind of outfit. It faded, but is now making a comeback.

Old choker necklace found on Pinterest

“What goes around, comes back around,” said Willoughby. “People from the 90s rocked these trendy choker necklaces and I wear it because it spices up my outfit without trying too hard.”

Willoughby claimed that thousands of high school and college girls are bringing back the old plastic, braided choker necklace and making them more fancy to create a fashion statement.

Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid wearing their chokers from NL Daily

Teen Vogue magazine wrote an article that gives famous models, Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, and other celebrities credit for bringing the necklace back and making it a “must have.”

“I saw model, Kendall Jenner, wearing one on Instagram one day and that is why I bought one,” said Georgia College freshman, Nicole Cohen.

After Cohen said this, I did some creeping on Instagram and noticed these specific models have a different choker necklace on in almost everyone of their posts. This has a huge influence on their fan base of teen girls because it makes them believe they need one.

“Practically everyone who’s anyone has been wearing a choker this year. Whether thick, thin, fabric or metal, this tiny accessory packs a major punch — and turns even the most basic of outfits into major style statements,” said Sue Williamson, Teen Vogue magazine writer.

These necklaces are such a hit too because there are many different ways to make them.

“You can honestly make them out of anything, like a piece of yarn or rope, and they add so much sass to your outfit,” said Cohen.

Choker from shoestring (Pinterest)

From a braided piece of leather to a thick band of suede, girls are even taking shoelaces and pieces of yarn to create a choker.

But there is just one problem with these necklaces, the guys.

As many of these girls think they are making a fashion statement when they are carelessly putting a choker on, guys are seeing these necklaces and assuming something different.

“Those tight ass necklaces girls wear look like they are worn by girls with daddy issues,” said a fraternity brother, who wanted to remain anonymous to keep his reputation.

Now “daddy issues” might sound a little harsh, but that is what some guys think and assume when they see girls wearing these necklaces. They also think girls are just seeking attention.

“I think they resemble trailer trash and girls wear them to get attention because they are an unusual accessory,” said Jonathan Riordan, Georgia College graduate.

After talking to about five other guys, a recurring word used to describes chokers was, “trailer trash” and “gothic.”

I never thought guys would have an opinion on such a small accessory. I figured I would get a lot of responses such as, “I don’t care.” But every guy had something to say about them.

Despite what many guys are saying about this fashion statement, most girls either do not know or do not care and are wearing these “neck huggers” while thinking nothing of it.

And well, after months of making fun of the necklace, wondering why girls are even wearing such a strange accessory, and knowing some guys dislike them, I bought one.

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