Ideation — sketches and ideas

  1. In this ideation sprint, we practiced with sketching and idea generation. Among all the common human activities, we chose commuting as a main direction for ideation. We first sketched 10 pictures representing 10 different ideas regarding to commuting. It is helpful to include notes by the side explaining what the sketch is about. I personally forced on commuting from home to school, office and other common places, including by cars, buses, bicycles and so on. Then 10 additional ideas representing variations on a single sketch were generated. I believed that “Uber for Everybody” was the most promising idea and then developed 10 more sketches based on it.
most promising idea — “Uber for Everybody”
One of the variation about “Uber for Everybody”

Final Submission:

2. The most difficulty I had during ideation was that I often generated really similar ideas when I was drawing the last few sketches. It started to get much harder while generating the last several ideas. Also I had a hard time using drawing to represent my idea. I am not very good at drawing and sometimes would draw like a elemental school student.

3. What good or interesting ideas did you come up with? What stupid ideas?

I really love my most promising idea, which is “Uber for everybody”. It is actually not a whole new idea but based on “Uber for Eat”. It would be environmental-friendly and convenient for multiple users who have the same or similar routes to commute together. One of the stupid idea is “Bus Alert” ideation because this idea is too narrowed and needs more developing.

4. Ideation is just as creation. We are competing how many different ideas we are capable of generating in a limited time. This whole process not only opens people’s minds, but also helps them practicing their quick response for a potential problem. Anywhere with improvement requires ideas and sketching. For example, when we are grocery shopping, some people would complain how big and inconvenient the carts are. Only if we could be able to improve the usability of the shopping cart, customers would be satisfied. Designers gather around and think about hundreds of thousands of different ideas about a brand new shopping cart with sketching.