To #EndHate We Must Stand Together

Hate is the ultimate four letter word. And though hate has been around since the beginning of time, it has sadly become a top news story these days. Slate Magazine has been keeping track of hate acts since the election — with over 867 added to the list in just three weeks. They range from swastikas’ on classroom chalk boards, to KKK flyers on a commuter train to a transit worker being pushed down the stairs because she was wearing a hijab.

Every era has its share of bullies and people who get their enjoyment by disagreeing simply to be disagreeable. But hate — hate has become a living breathing element of daily life. And, don’t kid yourself, hate impacts everyone.

So we all need to commit to #EndHate and to do so we need to:

Step up and Speak up — if you see someone being yelled at, pushed around, knocked down, say something. Because hate is very indiscriminate — it pays no attention to race, color, religion or gender. Imagine you are the one pushed to the ground or backed up against a wall — you certainly don’t want people to just walk by, eyes averted — so you shouldn’t either.

When bad things happen, volunteer — help paint over the graffiti, pick up the trash, replace broken windows, hand out flyers, help organize a community walk. A show of community involvement sends a strong message to those who seek to disrupt.

Get involved — attend the community meeting, the city council discussion — your presence alone sends a message. Write a letter to the editor talking about the need to stand up against hate together. Put a message to #EndHate on your business’ billboard or in your window.

Hate is a four letter word — make sure your own children know it, and make sure they know what to do if they see hate happening, or, if heaven forbid, hate happens to them. Go to the teacher, walk in to the nearest store and ask for help, call you.

If we don’t stand up together against it, hate will win.

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