Moments as a Mother

Carolyn Portanova
Apr 21, 2017 · 2 min read

Some thoughts, after having a conversation with my daughter yesterday on the way home from school, and hopefully imparting some wisdom.

My 16 year old has the biggest heart and struggles with others’ narrow mindedness. She’d had a less than stellar day at school, and was troubled by the acts of unkindness that had been displayed yesterday throughout the day. She hurts when others are made fun of, or are ridiculed for their sense of style, body type or beliefs.

High school is not a fun time for many children. For some, it’s downright brutal. It’s a time of exploration, coming of age and being true to one’s self. What pains me, and what clearly pains my daughter, is when the stress and anxiety of “not fitting in” or “belonging” takes its toll.

My high school days were filled with clicks and if you didn’t belong to a certain group, you were considered a misfit. Sadly this has not changed and it’s 2017. Right? It is indeed 2017.

My words to her were to continue to be her shining self. Continue to be beautiful you. When others are unkind and tearing you or someone else down, it’s because they are hurting inside. She accepted these words as she has before from me, but they’re not always enough. Doing damage control after someone has made you feel 2" tall is sometimes an impossible feat.

I encourage other parents to please share these words with their children:

Don’t assume everyone believes in your God. Don’t assume everyone aligns with your sexuality. Don’t assume everyone agrees with your political beliefs.

Open your mind, open your heart, and walk that scary mile in someone else’s shoes.

You have not lived or loved until you’ve done so. ❤

Carolyn Portanova

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