Not Just Another Weekday

It’s Monday afternoon and I’m racing out of the office to go pick up child #2 from middle school. It’s a frenetic pace every other week, as that’s how my custody schedule works with my ex-husband. Arriving in the car pool lane with a few minutes to spare, I check my phone for work emails that may have dropped in since leaving my desk, and I await the smiling face of my soon to be 13 year old.

Once he jumps into the car, I get caught up on a week’s worth of events and stories that didn’t quite make it to my phone with all the texting he and I do. I love this child more than life itself. He has the humor of a professional comedian and the heart the size of Jupiter. He always puts a smile on my face and a song in my heart.

As I drive to the high school to pick up child #1, he asks me how my week was (never fails) and we chit chat back and forth for the next 35–40 minutes having mother/son bonding time while we wait for big sis. These are precious moments I get with my sweet Nicolas. It’s quality time that he and I share every weekday, but it’s always special.

Before long, my beautiful almost 15 year old emerges from the high school with an air of confidence and grace. She climbs into the car and the first words uttered from her mouth are always “How was your week, Mom?”. Without fail, both of my children take an earnest interest in my life and how it went during the time we spent apart.

I then get to spend the next fifteen minutes driving home catching up on Alyssa’s past week and what transpired during her days at school and what activities she took part in while we were apart. Again, we text daily, but there’s so much more to share in person. This child has so much love to give, I can’t even put it into words. She completely “gets” people. All walks of life. She has more compassion in her little finger, than some people have in their entire life. She always always puts others first. I love her to the moon and back.

Once we’re home, we focus on homework and any work I need to finish, before preparing dinner. It’s important to me to cook dinner for my children, and share a meal with them every evening. This stems from my childhood, and I feel it’s an important time to once again, bond, share stories and make memories together.

It’s not JUST another weekday on the weeks I have my children. Splitting their time with me and their father, gives me only half of their life. It’s that crucial and that important to me to spend quality time with each of them during the hustle and bustle of a rat-race weekday. To soak in the moments, reflect on them, and embrace them with all my being.

Before long, they’ll both be off to college, and I’ll look back on these fast-paced weeks that we share, and I’ll long to have the time back. To look at their smiling faces, give and receive hugs daily, watch them enjoy meals we’ve prepared and shared together, encourage them during those times when we’re studying for their exams, smile at them as they head off with friends to hang out, knowing I’ll see them soon enough…

Before long, these days will be a memory. And so, I cherish them. Through all the hours that speed by, I cherish them. And it’s NEVER just another weekday. ❤