Strong Women Who Empower

It started not quite two weeks ago (June 24th). I was tweeting with two of my favorite ladies in the world (they’re little sisters to me) @SmartSuiteBree and @Jaymini_Mistry about having a Google Hangout to catch up in real time, and Jay asked about a Facebook page. I volunteered to set one up rather hastily, write a description of our purpose, and BOOM!

We did NOT expect what happened next!

Within minutes we had women joining the closed Facebook group, thanking us for setting up this community, and stating what a fabulous idea this was. It caught on like wild fire. Members were adding close friends whom they thought would benefit from a group like this. Clearly there was a need for a “support” group for ‘Strong Women Who Empower’ within our network of friends and family.

“We’re here to lift each other up, rally one another during all stages of life. We’re committed to being the best we can be, and we value strong, empowered women who want to make a difference.”

Jay shared her introduction first with the group in an effort to encourage everyone to open up and get to know one another. A brilliant move, I might add. Later on, she shared some concerns and decisions she’s facing in her personal life as a young, intelligent, motivated business woman. Within minutes she had a landslide of comments encouraging her and applauding her.

After that, Bree shared some incredibly uplifting words for the group, as a young, talented entrepeneur and gave us a peek into some of the challenges she’s faced in her twenty something years. Her words of “keep your hearts soft and your minds open” resonated with the entire group.

The next day, I shared a part of my past from eight years ago that was quite painful, and yet it was completely therapeutic to share it with this amazing group of women. An outpouring of love and support that I’d not experienced as a divorced mom was shown to me that day.

163 Members and Counting…

Almost daily now, we have a new member join and share her story. The stories vary, from uplifting and empowering to those that share pain and struggles, and the feeling of being overwhelmed. Each story carries with it a unique opportunity to support that woman and the challenges or victories she’s experienced.

We all struggle with decisions, choices and expectations demanded of us as women. And when we have the opportunity to share these personal details of our life with a sincerely caring and nurturing community, it fills us with a renewed sense of self.

Empowerment is key.

If you’d like to learn more about our Facebook community, please reach out to me via DM on Twitter @CarolynPortanov.