Tweets from Yours Truly

Tweeting thoughts and feelings can sometimes be challenging as we’re bound by 140 characters. However, that forces us to truly focus on the meaning behind our tweets and it ensures we articulate (to the best of our abilities) the message we’re trying to get across.

I’ve been focusing on Twitter and Instagram much more since November 9th. The ranting and heated “discussions” that are occurring over on Facebook have left many un-followed, unfriended and blocked. Some have given it up all together, and have gone so far as to deactivate their accounts. On Twitter, many have taken to muting others in order to turn off the political noise. Can you blame any of them?

We all post things in the heat of the moment, say things we inevitably regret and hope our apologies are taken earnestly, and hopefully we’re apologizing from our hearts (for me, there is no other way). Yet still some continue to debate, argue, tear down and criticize at an alarming rate. How that fosters friendships and social networking? I’m not sure.

So, because I prefer pictures to words (I’m a visual person), it can be a challenge for me to get the words out that I so desperately wish to convey. Some of my tweets these past few days have hopefully resonated with folks and have relayed a bit about me and where my heart is.

As I say to my kids all the time “Change your view”. ~ 11/16/16
The minute you become complacent is the minute you can lose everything. ~ 11/11/16
Watching the moon rise gives one so much perspective. Just how microscopic we and our problems are. #SuperMoon ~ 11/11/16
When you can lend a shoulder or an ear. Do it. Be someone’s rock or pebble to cross that stream. It makes you feel worthy. ❤ ~ 11/15/16
I just smiled at five strangers in the last five minutes. How many have you smiled at today? GO! ~ 11/14/16
If someone belittles you or makes you feel inferior. Rise up. Shake it off. Most importantly. MOVE ON! Don’t stoop to that level. #love ~ 11/14/16
It’s fine to quote others, but always quote yourself first. You can quote me on that. #quote ~ 11/14/16
Immaturity will lead you down the wrong path. Communication is the key to growth. Working out problems is the intelligent solution. #hope ~ 11/14/16
Tell someone you love them. Wish someone well. Share your feelings however big or small. Life is too precious. We turn to dust too quickly. ~ 11/13/16
Love is a verb. You show someone you love them with your actions, not with heart emojis. #love ~ 11/13/16
I’ll always be your friend if you’re honest with me. The second you abuse that trust, you’re done. You’ve lost forever. Trust is like glass. ~ 11/13/16
If you’re not honest with yourself, you can’t be honest with anyone else. Take a good look inside and ask yourself “Am I happy?” ~ 11/13/16
Even when you don’t feel like smiling, it helps to get out in nature and embrace her beauty. ~ 11/12/16
Birthday wishes from your ex husband and a gift? Wasn’t expecting that. Thank you, Universe. That made me cry this morning. In a good way. ~ 11/22/16
One of the best gifts I received yesterday was a message from a friend telling me how my story has given her hope & courage. #singlemoms ~ 11/23/16
Attention is the best gift you can give. But equally important is appreciation. For without the latter, a relationship cannot exist. ~ 11/26/16
You can make a great effort, you can do your best, but you cannot change an outcome that is destined to be. ~ 11/26/16
The optimist in me wants to see the good in everyone. The realist in me knows you can’t fix everyone. ~ 11/27/6

The political climate has put everyone on edge. We all have hurt feelings, and have probably hurt others due to the uncertainty and anxiety that reverberates throughout our nation. Add to that life’s daily challenges and stressors….and we all have the potential of becoming a live wire.

No one wants to hurt. No one wants to feel unloved and unappreciated. If you can take the time to utter 140 characters of something worthwhile to someone (or better yet, write them an entire paragraph), I urge you to do it. It may not make everything all rose colored immediately, but it certainly can’t hurt. ❤