This might be the sketchiest blog post ever, but just deal with me. I’ve got ADD, I’m sure I’ve shared that before and I have 113,276 thoughts running through my head right now. So you might want to grab a stiff drink, or not, it doesn’t matter to me, and settle in for a multitude of updates that have occurred in my life the last few days.

So, my friend Amanda (who I’m finally going to meet, hang out, and have dinner with next month….we met on Twitter) suggested I start a separate Instagram account for all my foodie pics, because ummmmm, I like to cook. She is a powerhouse of ideas, ambition and is just the sweetest lady ever. I cannot wait to meet her in real life and sip wine and share stories and ideas. She’s on Instagram with two different accounts (TravelwithRoxy and RoxyDigital….go follow her and her adventures), and has been so encouraging about my new Foodie Instagram account that you’d think I’d paid her (I didn’t, she’s just that awesome). So that’s update #1. Oh, and my new 2nd Instagram account is called CarolynsCucina (CarolynsCooking was taken, but fear not, that other Carolyn and I follow each other…must be the name)! And that account is strictly food I’ve prepared and taken photos of (with my iPhone). If it weren’t for Amanda, it wouldn’t exist.

Update #2, is I finally created a business facebook page (thanks to my former college roommate and dear friend Christina who believes in me, still likes The Cure and would hire me to do her social media for her if she were still in real estate, would probably drink Michelob Light with me again like we did in college if I asked her to, and is just the most amazing friend EVER). This facebook page is for my company (LLC) that I started when I worked for Apple, Inc. It’s called Carolina Virtual Services and I need to re-incorporate (or re-LLC would be a better way of phrasing it) with the state of North Carolina. What I do is design and build websites, and more importantly, offer social media services to small companies that don’t know how to do social or don’t have the time. Do you know what Blab is? Nope? You need to hire me. Back to Christina, she pushed me, I did it! Is that not a friend?!? The last time we saw each other was a couple years ago on the Outer Banks, and prior to that, we hadn’t seen each other since college. She’s a sister through and through. One of those friends you just pick up with like you saw each other last week.

The 3rd update is that my dear friend Christy suggested (implored) that I complete an application for the Food Network’s Allstar Academy Season 2, because she thinks I cook pretty well (she’s made my shrimp and grits recipe and says it rocks), she used to work with me at Apple, and she’s just a freakin’ fantastic friend who has facebooked me in the middle of the night when I’ve had insomnia and bolstered my mood, rallied around me and flat out believes in me. So, I’m in the process of completing said application (it’s 7 pages long) and will email it to the Food Network in the next day or so, along with pictures of my dishes, links to all my social networking sites (they asked for them) and of course this blog. She and I have never met, and we’re going to change that VERY soon! She is that friend who is always there in the background and comes out and lifts you up when you need it most.

The final update, is that I got to have an amazing lunch with my little sister, Janet, today. We haven’t had the opportunity to spend time together (just the two of us with no one else around in years). The first thing out of her mouth (and I hadn’t seen my sweet baby sis since February) was “You look so beautiful.” That right there made me start crying, and she of course told me to stop (and then checked my mascara for me….isn’t that what sisters are for?). We had the best hour and a half catching up, sharing pictures, re-living stories, planning an event, and just enjoying each other’s company. She encouraged me to get into the food industry, and to keep believing in myself. I love her SO much, and we don’t get to spend enough time together, but when we do get to bond, it’s just…….well…..AWESOME! She’s the most amazing teacher, mother, wife, friend, sister, daughter, HUMAN BEING. And guess what? She’s MY sister. Not many people get to claim that title!

It’s been a busy few days, and my head is kind of spinning, hence the frenetic pace of this post. I believe that we are here for a reason. I’m not getting all philosophical on you. TRUST me, my French degree didn’t touch on philosophy very much. But I do think we have a purpose, and we meet people for a reason, and they come into our lives to teach us, to build us up, to encourage us, and to give us the flippin’ kick in the pants that we may need. I’m flying head first into my 48th year on this planet and that’s some scary shit. I’m rubbing my temple going, wait a minute….I was just 17, like two years ago.

If anything comes out of this post, I hope it’s that you who are reading it, will realize I’m giving you a virtual kick in the rear to do that thing you’ve always wanted to do. I just listed off four friends above who’ve kicked me in the butt this week. (There may be a few bruises, but that’s ok! ;)) These women believe in me, empower me, love me, and care about me. That’s HUGE! I owe them lots and lots of wine! And dinner, that I will prepare.

I shall indeed keep you updated on what transpires with these latest developments. And in the meantime, go do that thing that you’ve always wanted to do, but didn’t have the courage to. Do it for me. We may not know each other, but, just do it. It’ll make you feel good. It’ll make me feel good. And above all else? Go thank your dear family and friends for being there for you, and believing in you. ❤