The CPC 100 is an effective answer for trying out present day transformers and voltage transformers. 800 A or 2 kV can be fed into the predominant side, which can be accelerated to 2000 A or 12 kV via the use of amplifiers. The gadget is ideal for commissioning (acceptance tests) thanks to its mild weight, strong sketch and single phase connection.

With the CPC 100 you can function a broad vary of frequency selective measurements, and determine numerous transformer parameters, such as ratio, burden and polarity. As a result, you can limit transport expenses and reduce your efforts in general. Using the CPC 100, you can also check unconventional current transformers and integrated IEC 61850 systems (via Sampled Values).

Electrical checks on electricity transformers, cutting-edge transformers, voltage transformers, rotating machines, grounding systems, strains and cables, and circuit breakers can be performed with the CPC 100.The patented CPC 100 essential injection test gadget replaces various person trying out devices. This reduces the costs for coaching and transport, and cuts down testing time. Therefore, the CPC 100 is the best check set for substation asset commissioning and maintenance.

The CPC one hundred is the base for more than one accessory. These facilitate in addition applications, such as power/dissipation factor measurements, as well as line and floor impedance measurements.


• Up to 800 A or 2000 V with up to 5 kVA over a frequency vary of 15 Hz — four hundred Hz or 400 A DC

• Excellent interference suppression helps dimension of small signals

• Easy to transport (just 29 kg) — best for on-site testing

• Testing templates, automatically generated checking out tactics and check reports

• Up to 2000 A or 12 kV via use of current or voltage amplifiers


· It’s the first instrument used in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

· Very user friendly software compare to the Doble M4100

· Very light and not too heavy, about 35kg.

· Less powerful than the Doble M4100, but still does performs very well

· No self calibration available

· Strong technical conference every year named PAC world

· Strong technical support given via kaaraba


The Double M4100 two has a time base generator that may additionally be synchronized either with the power system supplying power to the take a look at instrument, or with an inside crystal oscillator. This desire allows the check operator to pick out one of two modes of test operation, Line Sync Reversal or Line Frequency Modulation.

When Line Sync Reversal Mode is selected, the time base is synchronized to the electricity supply and the check will use the well known Doble polarity reversal technique to reverse the results of electrostatic interference.

Selecting the Line Frequency Modulation Mode of operation will synchronize the time base generator to the crystal oscillator. Two tests will be run for each programmed take a look at sequence. The first test is run at a frequency of 57 Hz and the 2d check is run at sixty three Hz. The measured test outcomes of every check are blended and averaged to give a 60 Hz equivalent take a look at result. When working in the 50 Hz frequency, the identical technique will apply. The first take a look at will run at forty seven Hz, and the 2d check will run at 53 Hz. This mode of test eliminates electrostatic interference from measurement, through keeping off measurement at electricity line frequency. It is also feasible to select ± 10% of strength line frequency as well.


• Power Factor/Tan-Delta trying out to confirm insulation integrity and pleasant
• Capacitance checking out to measure physical modifications that may also have occured to the apparatus
• HV turns ratio checking out to become aware of shorted turns or winding injury
• Leakage reactance/short circuit impedance checking out to consider winding deformation
• Single segment excitation current checking out to evaluate transformer magnetizing circuit
• Capacitor bank trying out to realize deteriorating or failed capacitors within a bank
• Generates its own specific sine wave take a look at signal
• Self-calibrating in the subject
• Easy and accurate trying out with Doble Test Assistant software program (DTA)


· Weight is 32 kg only
· The most Powerful Power Factor /Capacitance Test Kit in the world and the most accurate compare to the Omicron
· It Can test any power transformer up to 12kv
· Fans located on the side, means you can use the instrument standing up
· Best selling Power Factory in United States
· There are easy replaceable modules inside the instruments.
· It can be upgradable easily.
· Self calibration, strong technical support given via kaaraba

Knowing full nicely the features, benefits or advantages of the difference between Omicron cpc100 and Doble m4100 get yours today.