Thoughts about growing up

In order to grow up you need to do mistakes. It may sound weird but some of these mistakes you need to do allover again until you learn from them. Do not get me wrong but I think it is normal. I am almost 23 years old and I still do mistakes some of them more than just once. The question is just how to learn from them?! That is not the only important question about growing up. Growing up is a big and long-lasting process. Everybody needs their own time in order to grow. I am still living at home with my parents, studying, working, having friends etc but I do not feel that independent that I might live on my own or have a family. I still feel to young for that. I am still in the process of growing up while others in my age have already their second child and a husband at home. Do not get me wrong but everybody needs their own time and even though I want to have a family someday I just do not feel having it right now. I still remember when I was 19 and finished High School, I was sure I will leave the city to study somewhere else, in the end I noticed it was the right decision to stay home with my family. I decided I will go to do my masters in England and leave Germany behind. Why? Maybe because I finally realized I want to be independent and begin my own life. No one is saying I am leaving Germany completely but I am ready to take this big step and I am sure I will succeed. Hopefully the university will accept me in England but anyway I still have one year left until I might leave Germany.