I am not a super feminist (whatever that means). I am not a woman who declares her womanhood every chance she gets. I have never protested in the streets for women’s rights. I admire those women but I have never been that type of woman.

Maybe I am not strong enough to stand up for Women’s Rights?

I have been braless this week. To date this has been my largest protest. That sounds really dumb, but for some reason I feel like not wearing a bra makes me more equal to others without bras (mostly men). This feeling is most likely naive, but it is how I feel.

I did not do this with an agenda, it just happened. One day I was getting ready and thought it would be nice to be braless all day. I left my bra on our bed and went to work. When I got home our dog had eaten my bra. I have something to admit; I only wear one bra. I do have another one that I hate, but the bra that is now in the trash (Thanks, Tonsa Tires) was the only bra I wore for years.

Did I wash it? YES. Sometimes.

Women have spent centuries smashing their breasts into cloth and metal to contain or make their breasts more sexy. I do know that some of this breast smashing is so we don’t have to hold our breasts when we dance, run or jump. But, so far, being braless I have not needed a bra to dance, run or jump, well not yet. However, I do feel like I need a bra to feel comfortable in the world.

It is cold in MN this week, so I am hardly showing people that I am braless, but even under clothes to keep me warm, I feel naked. I feel naked. Feeling naked is not a bad thing at all, but this type of nakedness makes me uncomfortable.

Why am I so uncomfortable? Maybe because I feel exposed. I like not wearing a bra. It feels so good. I sit up straighter. I have nothing to adjust. No metal holding up my breasts. Cheesy to say, but I feel free. Now I need to find a way to be more confident in this freeness.

Braless photo of me from years ago
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