How Can Men and Women Co-exist in Today’s Society?

This bea-uti-ful photo is from Unsplash by Reed Angelo

I’ve been talking to a lot of men around my newest ideas around femininity. And it’s pretty fascinating, because I see that men’s eyes light up even more sometimes than women. When they hear that this whole women’s empowerment thing is actually a way to help support men too, they are just just overjoyed by this new notion.

This overjoyed enthusiasm from men got me thinking into our society, and what’s going on today…

What I see is that our society has gone a little bit off path to what the universe/god has intended our planet to be like. When Adam and Eve were created, it was meant that women and men were to co-exist with one another and build more new beautiful species along the way. Adam was the masculine leader, and Eve was the feminine leader. Not one of them in the world’s eye’s was more/ or less superior to one another. They were both to be leaders in the world, but with their own roles in which to do so.

But somewhere along the way in how society kept evolving, we’ve totally fucked this up. Now instead of our genders working with one another, we’re now working against one another.

Women battling men, men battling women. I mean, how many times have you heard of ‘The Battle of The Sexes’. This happens in the workplace, relationships, exercise rooms — you name it. Wherever women and men can compete — we find a way to do so.

For instance, let’s look at the workplace.

For centuries, women have been told that they must be in the stay at home role and cook, clean, do the errands for their men or take on the more female -oriented careers. But now as time have changed, women are in male — dominated careers, and taking on leadership/ and managerial positions — awesome! But because of this, women are facing as much competition as ever, and feeling this need to ‘keep up with the boys’ to prove that they are in fact equal. The term, ‘man up’ comes to a lot of women in these male dominated careers. On the contrary, men are overly compensated to show their masculinity — and we’re seeing ‘hyper masculinity’ in the workforce. Consequently, sexual harassment has become so common in the workforce.

Now the problem is not just this ongoing competitive battle (which goes nowhere), but more so, it’s causing harm for men and women on a individual level due to the out of balance in masculine/feminine energy levels.

Women from across the country are facing health issues today from this ‘overdose’ in masculinity. In a recent study from Indiana University Bloomington, it was shown that women in male dominated careers have less healthy, or ‘dysregulated,’ patterns of cortisol throughout the day,” Problematically, unhealthy levels of cortisol lead to concerning health patterns such as low energy, low libido, weakened immune systems, low blood pressure, etc.

With men, this overdrive in masculinity is affecting men on an emotional/ and physical level. You’ve got to be tough, strong, hard-assed in order to live up to society’s ideals of masculinity. Being open and expressive about your emotions is seen as ‘unmanly’ today. Consequently, this becomes a problem when men suppress their emotions & it can lead to depression, aggression and outright violence amongst men today. Not to mention, men’s lack of expression makes it hard when in relationships. Without the ability to fully say how they feel, it can become hard for men & women to hold steady & loving relationships.

So, if you ask me, there needs a change on an individual level from both genders to learn how to co-exist more fluidly with one another.

And here’s what I suggest :

  1. We realize that we are here to work together.
  2. We realize that we are here to support the other gender.
  3. We realize that we need the other gender to support us.
  4. We become aware of our tendency to one energy (masculine or feminine), and we learn how to integrate (or blend) the other into our lives — we see this as our new strength in our work &/or relationships.
  5. We look at the other gender’s perspective — and become aware of their needs— and we make adjustments in our relationships when needed.

So to sum it up for you all — we need to become aware as a society (yes that’s step one) of this imbalance. And learn how to integrate the imbalance of energy for ourselves, and more so — support the opposite sex to fully do so as well too.

Without the support/ and encouragement from the opposite sex, it will be much harder. Because men you need women, and yes women you need men too.

Give a comment below if you’re feeling it — or not feeling it all.

With love,