Digerati Presentation: Kevin Kelly

Kevin Kelly is the co founder and founding executive editor of Wired magazine. He later went on to write books.

In Kevin Kelly’s, What Technology Wants, he argues that technology isn’t a separate entity but an extension of us and a living system. He also argues that technology is not just what we think it is but more and that it was always around us, it just did not have a name until we realized what it was. He suggests that if we listen to what technology “wants” we can prepare ourselves for what technology will be like in the future.

  1. What do you think technology is? Around what time was it first used?

Technology is a artwork or technique that can be used for many different subjects and fields. Technology as a whole is everything that we have invented, Kevin Kelly calls this technium.

2. Video (0:00–1:23)

Technology can be found everywhere in the ancient world except in the minds of humans

The line above is a line from the book and similar to what he says in the video, so, what does he mean by this?

3. Video (around 2:48)

Do you think he is exaggerating or is what he is saying reasonable? How do you imagine life now without any technology?

4. Video (6:50)

Technology has become the most powerful force in the world.

We invented ourselves, of all the animals we have domesticated the most important animal we have domesticated has been us.

5. Technology is anything useful invented by a mind.

(Video 9:14) Technology is an extension of life.

6. What does technology want?

7. Final questions: What do you think about idea that technology is a living system? Is there any bad technology or is he right that there is none? Is the price technology gives us worth the things it offers us?

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