Why It Took Me 25 Years To Figure Out What I Wanted

When I was 14 I had got the idea in my head that it would be awesome to be a cop. I stuck to that idea until I was about 20. Of course, quite a different number of things took place to sway my interest and what I saw possible. I went through phases, but for the most part two things have made sense to me my entire life: making people happy and making money. Maybe it’s just what I noticed. If you make people happy, they will give you money.

I always thought that everyone had a plan, a set role, a born talent, and they would stumble into it at some point in life. Wrong. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Nothing is going to happen to you. Things will happen because of you though. I tried to play the waiting game. The wait and see what happens in life approach. I got sick and tired of it. I craved action, I craved answers. After watching people, studying people, and reading about successful people, I noticed their habits, disciplines and tactics are special, not them. No one is special. It’s the things people accomplish that are special.

No two things are more important in life than effort and discipline. Without those two elements you cannot and will not be successful.

One day while eating a cheesy-crust stuffed pizza from Pizza Hut, it just clicked. I realized what I enjoyed, and realized others enjoy it as well. Millions.

Thats when I went into John Madden mode and broke down everything with my mental clipboard. I asked myself, why do I enjoy “x”? Why do others enjoy “x”? We enjoy “x” because it makes us happy. Cha-ching. Now, what is the biggest problem I have with “x”? Do other’s have this problem with “x”? Yes, others have this problem as well. Find a way to solve this problem consistently and you have a business plan. It is with this formula that I created my business plan. My business has yet to be launched which is why I refer to it as “x”.

Hopefully by using this formula you are able to figure out what you want to do in life, what your passion is, and maybe even what type of business you want to start.