NA LCS Week 9 Round-Up

The regular season of the NA LCS ended about 7 hours ago and brackets for playoffs and the summer promotion tournament are now finalized. Here are a few of the headlines that will carry over to both events.

Phoenix1 has off week after 0–2 loss to TSM

While TSM looks to be back to their old form after a off day against Team Liquid, Phoenix1 loses their second match in a row going 0–2 on the weekend (0–4 game record). It was not just bad that they went 0–4 against two of the strongest teams in North America, TSM and Cloud 9 both are very strong teams. The problem was that the game were not even a contest. If Phoenix1 want to make a strong run in playoffs, they need to make sure to get back on form immediately.

FlyQuest possibly recovers from end of season slump

After going 0–4 in the last two weeks, FlyQuest may have found their grove once again after going 2–0 in matches this weekend. Winning 2–0 over a dissipating Echo Fox that barley avoided the promotion tournament. Also, proving victorious over a finally sound looking Team Liquid 2–1. FlyQuest may once again be a strong contender for the finals, but only time will tell if was not just a fluke.

Team Liquid has a roller coaster of a week

Team Liquid’s win 2–1 win over TSM rocked the League of Legends community this weekend, giving the team hope that they may be safe from the promotion tournament. However, after losing 2–1 to FlyQuest, Liquid will have to participate in the tourney. Team Liquid, looking on top of their game, will most likely emerge triumphant from the tournament, but will be entertaining to watch none the less.

NV posts disappointing 3–15 season, faces relegation

After a season where NV were the joke of the NA LCS for most of the split, they face being the 10th seed in the promotion tournament. During the season the victories for the squad were only against Immortals, Team Liquid, and Echo Fox. This leads me to worry that this may be the last time NV play in the LCS for quite some time.

The playoffs and the promotion tournament are always an exciting time for LCS. Where players compete in front of sold out crowds in a giant sports venue and the promotion tourney in LCS studios. This split the finals will be held at the Pacific Coliseum in Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada. It will occur April 23 be sure not to miss it.

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