How do you change things? Here’s an example: When it’s cold, you build a fire to produce heat.

You don’t just sit around and shiver in the cold. You gather the kindling, light a match and put it to the fire.

In the same way, you become conscious of your negative thoughts and decide to change them, to produce “heat” (that is, success).

Intellectually, you know God has gifted you with talent and ability. But how do you make the most of them? How do you bear fruit, using your gifts for His glory?

Replace negative thoughts with positive ones.

That’s like arranging the kindling in the fireplace.

Act on those positive thoughts.

That’ s like striking a match and touching it to the fire.

Reject habitual negative thoughts. They choke off the fire. Its not getting enough oxygen. Return to positive thoughts. Meditate on them:

What does it feel like to already have what you desire?

If the fire goes out, you may add more kindling (positive thoughts) and strike another match (acting on those positive ideas)

Your new thoughts gain strength as you pay attention to them, day by day.

You learn to choose your thoughts.

The fire grows stronger.

Soon, you realize you’re toasty-warm.

Someone is offering you a great new job. You save up and get a bigger apartment.

You know now, to guard your thoughts, kick those negative ones to the curb.

You stock the fridge with plenty of food. You invite friends over and have a good time.

Some old friends are too negative/needy. You stop hanging around with them.

You concentrate on acting and writing, and start seeing success in those areas.

You’re brimming with great new ideas. People recognize your talent.

You constantly rebuild your fire with positive thoughts, good feelings, effective actions. Your fire is burning bright. You are toasty-warm.

You give thanks to God for His gifts of intelligence, talent and perseverance.

You ask Him to send you a young woman who also loves Him.You know you can trust His choice.

She is beautiful, positive and kind, shares her hopes and dreams and listens to yours.

Now there are two of you, tending the fire, paying attention to thoughts and putting God at the center of your life. That’s success.

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