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Kenneth Carson
6 min readDec 22, 2022

While this is not the way I presumed the situation with the ‘dev’ of Mikaboshi would go, let alone how I thought the end of the year and the holidays would play out, this is where we are. Please read all of the below to grasp the thought process and direction I feel is the only viable solution after trying everything we as a community could do to get the vision and trust on track.

Part One:

You will find a new Telegram chat at the link below, as we are unsure of the owner of the current TG, our best interests are to migrate. Moving forward I will focus my energy on this chat.

Part Two:

The community is in a tenuous relationship with an abusive ‘dev’ that is holding the community and the future of Amatsu-Mikaboshi hostage unless their wishes for a complete mint out of a 3,333 supply NFT collection is established. Upon this, the ‘dev’ claims the community will receive a number of rewards, including; The BNB Bridge, the increase of buybacks and LP to Amatsu-Mikaboshi, as well as the alleged ‘sister/ecosystem’ token GenyoshaBDS. Lastly, and most importantly is an increase in the length of the LP lockup shown in the link below.

This is the present lockup, the promised additional 3 months have not been added

After considerable research, it appears the ‘dev’ is a repeat offender of manipulating both new token releases as well as communities that coalesce around said tokens.

This type of attitude and action should not remain, and should not be supported.

Part Three:

The ‘dev’ of Amatsu-Mikaboshi has continued to call the token a DAO. This has been proven to be in name only. The ‘dev’ has released an NFT collection (referenced above) that was NOT able to obtain the DAO votes established by the ‘dev’ and was viewed by the community as a poor-quality product. The Mikaboshi community is filled with many well-known and highly regarded artists in their own areas of the NFT market and art circles.

This community did not abide by the request to mint out the ‘dev’s ‘genesis’ collection while already minting out a community-built Genesis Collection that was groundbreaking in its use of the native token for minting. Furthermore, the community overwhelmingly supported the continued efforts to create other NFT services that include the ability for artists to release their own issuances to mint for the Amatsu-Mikaboshi token.

There are NO community members allowed to author proposals for the DAO and the ‘dev’ structures votes in a way that does not allow the DAO to have their voice heard. This is not a DAO.

Part Four:

While the ‘dev’ crowned me some sort of a leader, I assure you all, I am just another member aboard this ship. We came together by choice but I fear we have no choice but to respond with force.

As I said earlier, I truly hoped ‘dev’ would resolve all these issues, but the evidence overwhelmingly points to that not being the case. If they were ‘supporting the book’ we would not be down over 88% due to their attitude and lack of respect for the community established around their project.

Sadly, leaders must do things that are not considered in the best interests to 100% of the ship, but a leader accepts they are making the best decision for the survival and safety of the majority.

Below you will find what I call “Protocol 811M”

Part Five:

Effective Ethereum Block 16243652 we have taken a snapshot of all holders of Amatsu-Mikaboshi. This data can be found below.

This snapshot will reward ALL holders their 1:1 holdings (minus sub-decimal totals) of a new token, Mikaboshi (MIKA) that will be the foundation of a TRUE DAO STRUCTURE. Those ‘sub-decimal’ tokens will also be included in the establishment of the burned total, considering it everyone's share of lighting the fire.

The ‘dev’ will be removed from the equation because they never were part of the community. This new token will continue the 3%/3% tax structure on V2 LP, and will be divided as follows. 1% will go into a DAO multi-sig (voted signers via the community/DAO) and the other 2% will be used to market buy + add LP to the V2 pool, a method that supports the ecosystem, not like the ‘dev’ siphoning over 140ETH from the community and using very little of it (15% ??) for buybacks into their personal holdings. Tokens in V3 will be distributed to those that put tokens into that pool, held by the DAO until their holdings have been removed so they are not lost to that LP contract.

The system will also decrease the token sale threshold to 500,000,000 from the previous 1,500,000,000 in an attempt to have the action more often but less shocking to the system.

The DAO will also claim the Amatsu-Mikaboshi tokens held by the ‘dev’, placing them into the DAO multi-sig for future DAO-proposed and approved functions that go to the betterment of the ecosystem. We have identified 2 addresses that are funded by the initial deployer and held/controlled by ‘dev’.

Part Six:

This address is a temporary holding address until the final deployment of Mikaboshi (MIKA) is issued in the next 36 hours after final testing.

For transparency, it is controlled by me, Carsonated under trust, until the time the deployer is established, and the LP has been created. You don’t have to trust me, you don’t have to participate, you don’t even need to continue reading if you feel this is the wrong solution. At this point, you still have your tokens created by ‘dev’, and you are free to entrust they have your best financial interests in mind.

If you don’t, this next step is how you make your voice heard.

Part Seven:

Because we have established a snapshot as outlined and displayed in Part Five, each holder will be rewarded Mikaboshi tokens, and you have no further steps to complete. But if you desire, you are free to send ‘dev’ their tokens back via the V2 LP, and obtain whatever eth you can for them.

If you believe in the strength of this community, we suggest sending that eth to the above address so we can establish an LP for the DAO. If needed we do have some DAO members that are willing to help boost that pool, but it is important we secure that value and place it into the control of the DAO. The DAO pooled LP will initially be locked for three months, to match the ‘dev’ claims, but outside LP will belong to those participants that have added to it so that we can start over. Once the tax structure comes in we will see a stronger increase of locked LP that will allow them to remove those supportive actions in the future.

In closing, I truly hope we can reestablish the strength and value of this community as the primary reason we are here while removing negative actions that have harmed the DAO and its reputation in the short term.

Yours Truly,



Kenneth Carson

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