Why You Will Be Buying Your Future Car Online

19 NOV , 2015.

Published on: http://carwitter.com/2015/11/19/why-you-will-be-buying-your-future-car-online/

These days we’re all obsessed with buying online. Websites like Amazon have revolutionised the way we think when it comes to getting the stuff we need.

We are now increasingly searching for what we need online and ‘adding to cart’ from the comfort of our homes. Every market is undergoing a digital revolution and no traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ business is safe, including traditional car dealerships it seems.

A recent Automotive Survey by Accenture found that consumers today are far more comfortable with making car purchases online, 76% of respondents indicating that they would consider buying a car online. And why not?

Across the pond, online car dealerships have already seen a 3% year on year growth over the last 5 years and it looks like this trend has started to hit the UK with the launch of Carspring.

Unlike traditional dealerships, Carspring allows for the purchase of used cars in a convenient and secure manner at anytime and from anywhere. Financing applications and outright purchases can be made directly online, with delivery taking place within a week.

What’s more, the company guarantees the receipt of a quality-approved car by putting every listed car through a rigorous multi-stage inspection process.

Initially, this includes an inspector visiting the customer and taking detailed images of all the critical areas of the car. If these impressions pass Carspring’s quality standards, the company sends the seller a concrete valuation and, once accepted, promises to complete a sale within 30 days.

Before travelling to its new owner, the car undergoes a more detailed physical inspection and servicing at the company’s specialist facility, which includes an AA expert review. It’s a much more detailed process than at most dealerships, but the company feels this is necessary to instil confidence in their products.

A trademark feature of Carspring’s service is that prices are fixed at market rate rather than linked to sales targets. These fixed valuations mean that customers can be sure that they are paying a fair price that is representative of the car’s market value, taking away doubts about being overcharged and the instinct to haggle.

What’s more, there are benefits included that aim to put your mind to rest further; a 14-day no-questions-asked return policy, a 6-month warranty and 12-month AA breakdown cover.

Buying online can seem like a risky venture with such a steep price tag attached. A key challenge for companies like Carspring is thus putting people’s doubts and concerns to rest. However, it’s an enticing package that should help allay initial hesitations and apprehensions about not test-driving the car before purchase.

It may well be that this is the start of a completely different business model unfolding, making the purchase of a used car as easy as sticking on the kettle, kicking off your shoes and logging in online.

Start your car journey here: www.carspring.co.uk/cars